Steps for New Students at LMC - Step 4

Step 4 education plan


How to Create an Education Plan


Each student must have an education plan, which is a list of classes needed each semester to reach his or her goals. It is strongly recommended that new students attend an Education Plan Workshop, where a counselor will provide important college information and assist with course selection and planning. Once created, a education plan can be accessed through InSite/WebAdvisor where students can refer to, modify, and even register for your classes from it.


Sign up for an Education Plan Workshop

The Education Plan Workshop is three hours in length.





Other Options:

  • Orientation Class: Enroll in COUNS 030, a 1 unit class taught by a counselor, for the best and most complete orientation. Includes creation of an education plan. Sign up for COUNS 030 through InSite/WebAdvisor.
  • Create an education plan on your own (not recommended): Log into InSite/WebAdvisor and create your own education plan without the assistance of a counselor, using the Student Planning tool. Instructions


NOTE: If you are a graduating high school senior: Follow the Steps for Graduating High School Seniors.


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Take and online orientation Take assessment tests Create an educational plan Register for classes and pay fees