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Welcome High School Students

If you are a high school senior planning to attend LMC in the fall, here are all of the steps you need to follow.


steps for high school seniors

These steps are for high school seniors who will be graduating in June and who plan to attend LMC the following fall. During the spring semester, the LMC Outreach staff will visit local high schools to meet with high school seniors. The staff will conduct workshops to assist you with your LMC application for admission and then return shortly after that to administer the math and English assessment tests you will need to take. Check with your counseling office or career center for dates and times. The schedule will also be pasted on our Important Dates webpage.


Here are the steps for you to follow:


1. Apply to LMC

2. Take the Online Orientation

The online orientation is required for all new LMC students and is a convenient way for you to get acquainted with the college and what it means to be a college student. Take the online orientation now.


3. take the Assessment tests

Assessment is required for all LMC students. The English or ESL and Math assessment tests are designed to help you and your counselor determine which courses are appropriate for your skill level. Students who have taken high-level English or math classes in high school, or who have passed certain tests, may not need to take the assessment tests to fulfill this requirement. To find out whether you need to take assessment tests, click here. Assessment testing for high school seniors takes place at local high schools in March and April.


4. Attend High School Senior Saturday

High School Senior Saturday is held each year in April. You will be given a flyer with the date and time when you attend the application workshop at your school. The date will also be posted here and on the Important Dates webpage in February, and you will be able to sign up from this page.


5. Make an Educational Plan

All LMC students are required to have an online educational plan. After Senior Saturday, plan to attend an Educational Planning Workshop at either the Pittsburg Campus or Brentwood Center. You will meet with a counselor who will assist you in planning your classes and show you how to create an educational plan on InSite/WebAdvisor. Make an appointment for an Educational Planning Workshop online from this page after Senior Saturday.


Wondering how to pay for college?