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Welcome to LMC



Steps for new students

These steps are for students with long-term goals, those who are pursuing a certificate or degree at LMC. To receive priority registration, all students must submit complete steps 1 through 3. If you just want to take a few classes for personal enrichment or to enhance job skills, are not concerned about priority registration and do not plan to obtain a certificate or degree, follow the easy steps on our New or Returning for Personal Enrichment page.


Are you a first time student at any college?



Here's how to get started at LMC:


Step 1: Submit an application for admission to LMC

Complete and submit an application for admission.

If you have not submitted a college application for admission, please do so as soon as possible.

Step 2: Take assessment tests

Take your English and math assessment tests

Your assessment test results will inform your counselor of your proficiency in English and Math so they can guide you in choosing classes. Sign up here for assessment testing at the Pittsburg Campus or Brentwood Center


Local graduating high school seniors can take the assessment tests at their high schools. Contact your school's career center or a high school counselor early in the spring to make an appointment. A schedule of high school visits will be posted on the high school Calendar of Important Dates page in February.


Step 3: Attend New Student Orientation and complete an educational plan

Attend a New Student Orientation

The New Student Workshop will provide you with important information about college programs, services, policies, procedures, and requirements, and is essential for new students. There are 4 options to choose from:

  • New Student Workshop: A free 3-hour workshop. A counselor will be present to help you create an educational plan and provide a brief orientation. Sign up for a New Student Workshop.
  • Orientation Class: (COUNS 030 - 1 unit) Enroll in this class, taught by a counselor, for the best and most complete orientation. Includes creation of an educational plan. Sign up for COUNS 030 through WebAdvisor.
  • Online Orientation: Provides a brief but convenient orientation that should be followed by an appointment with a counselor. Students who select this option must also create an educational plan online through InSite WebAdvisor after their orientation - instructions. Take the Online Orientation
  • New Student Orientation for Graduating high school seniors: If you are graduating from a local area high school, contact your school’s Career Center or a school counselor early in the spring semester for information about New Student Orientation exclusively for graduating seniors.


Step 4: Register for classes and pay fees

Register for classes and pay fees


  • Register online through InSite/WebAdvisor (The video above provides instructions).
  • Fees should be paid at the time of registration, on WebAdvisor, in person or by mail. VISA, MasterCard, Discover and checks are accepted.
  • Don’t have money for fees? Visit the Financial Aid Office to find out whether you are eligible a fee waiver. You may also be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant or for scholarships. See Financial Aid or Scholarships for more information.