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EVIDENCE FOR standard iIi.a


evidence iii.a.5.a-1 through iii.a.6-2

III.A.5.a-1 Spotlight on Success Workshop-All College Day spring 2012
III.A.5.a-2 PDAC Resource Request English and ESL June 2013 Training Workshops
III.A.5.a-3 PDAC Proposal - The Teaching Network 27Jan2011
III.A.5.a-4 Faculty Network/Professional Development Share Sample
III.A.5.a-5 Spring 2014-Focused Flex/All College Day Survey Monkey Results
III.A.5.a-6 RP Group Mapping the Statewide Initiatives-A Geographical Profile of Program Activity at CA Community Colleges
III.A.5.b-1 InSite Professional Development List of Workshops as of 19May2014
III.A.5.b-2 Application for Conference Funding Form
III.A.5.b-3 PDAC Report to SGC 25Apr2012
III.A.5.b-4 PDAC Report to SGC 12Feb2014
III.A.5.b-5 Summary of General Ed Report 2014
III.A.6-1 CCCCD Classification and Compensation Study-Results and Market Analysis - February 2007
III.A.6-2 CCCCD Governing Board Report No. 30-A October 24, 2007