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EVIDENCE FOR standard iI.A


evidence iI.a.2.c-1 through iI.a.2.c-23

II.A.2.c-1 Classroom Observation Plan
II.A.2.c-2 Classroom Observation Form for Classroom Faculty
II.A.2.c-3 Classroom Evaluation Form for Online Faculty
II.A.2.c-4 Summary Evaluation Form for Faculty-Blank
II.A.2.c-5 Summary Evaluation Form for Online Faculty-Blank
II.A.2.c-6 Student Evaluation Form
II.A.2.c-7 PTEC Comprehensive Program Review
II.A.2.c-8 Department Chairs Meeting Minutes 05Nov2013
II.A.2.c-9 Developmental Ed-ESL Committee Meeting Minutes 26Feb2013
II.A.2.c-10 Developmental Ed-ESL Committee Meeting Minutes 29Jan2013
II.A.2.c-11 Developmental Ed-ESL Committee Meeting Minutes 27Nov2012
II.A.2.c-12 General Ed Committee Mins-7Feb2013 COOR Review and Placement
II.A.2.c-13 General Ed Committee Mins-9Dec2011 Reviewing and Recommending COORs
II.A.2.c-14 General Ed Committee Mins-18Oct2012 Reviewing COORs
II.A.2.c-15 Distance Ed Committee Minutes 10Sept2012
II.A.2.c-16 Distance Ed Committee Minutes 19Sept2011
II.A.2.c-17 Distance Ed Committee Minutes 22Apr2013-Forms Online Courses
II.A.2.c-18 Transfer Academy Faculty Group Meeting Agenda 22Aug2012
II.A.2.c-19 Transfer Academy Faculty Team Meeting Notes 30Jan2012
II.A.2.c-20 Transfer Academy Planning Meeting 16Apr2012
II.A.2.c-21 Transfer Academy Team Meeting 15Aug2011
II.A.2.c-22 Comprehensive Program Review fall 2012-Child Development
II.A.2.c-23 Comprehensive Program Review fall 2012-Developmental Math