I.B.3-1 Planning Committee Webpage Screenshot
I.B.3-2 Planning Committee Charges 2013-2014
I.B.3-3 Planning Calendar 2008-2009
I.B.3-4 Planning Cycles and Accreditation Excel Spreadsheet fall 2006 - spring 2012
I.B.3-5 RAP Timeline for 2014-2015 Funding
I.B.3-6 RAP Request Form 2014-2015
I.B.3-7 2011 ARCC Data Report
I.B.3-8 IDEA Phase I 13Dec2011
I.B.3-9 IDEA Inquiry Phase II 26Jan2012
I.B.3-10 Vision 20/20 Notes and Retreat on Interim Strategic Priorities 2012-2014
I.B.3-11 Accessing Program Review Data fall 2012
I.B.3-12 Accessing Program Review Data fall 2013
I.B.3-13 Program Review Webpage Screenshot
I.B.3-14 Planning Committee Minutes 03Mar2011
I.B.3-15 Unit Program Review General Feedback spring 2012
I.B.3-16 Unit Program Review - Definitions and Examples
I.B.3-17 Program Review Outline and Instructions fall 2011
I.B.3-18 Program Review Rubric 2011-2012
I.B.3-19 Program Review Feedback Form 2011-2012
I.B.3-20 Program Review Survey Questions-spring 2014
I.B.3-21 Objectives Rationale Activities Flex 15Aug2012
I.B.3-22 Gil Game Flex 15Aug2012
I.B.3-23 Program Review Workshop PowerPoint November 2013
I.B.3-24 What is Program Review?
I.B.3-25 Steps to Conducting a Thoughtful Program Review
I.B.3-26 Guide to Program Unit Review 2014-2015
I.B.3-27 RAP Timeline for 2013-2014 Funding
I.B.3-28 Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Webpage Screenshot
I.B.3-29 Research Department Admin Services Survey Pre-Post Summary 05Jun2012
I.B.3-30 Program Review Submission Tool Feedback 26Apr2013