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Academic Senate

Faculty Representatives on Committees

Shared Governance Council (SGC) [link]

Chair: Bob Kratochvil

Liberal Arts and Sciences Representative: Carol Hernandez (Fall 2013 to Spring 2015)

Student Services Representative: Ginny Richards (Fall 2013 to Spring 2015)

Career and Technical Education Representative: Pam Perfumo (Fall 2012 to Spring 2014)

Curriculum Committee [link]

Chair: Louie Giambattista

Committee of Academic Senate

Institutional Development for Equity & Access (IDEA) [link]

Co-Chairs: Erlinda Jones (ejones@losmedanos.edu) and Ryan Pedersen (rpedersen@losmedanos.edu)

Academic Senate Representative: Rosa Armendariz

Committee authorized by Shared Governance Council

Sabbatical Leave Committee

Dennis Gravert

Sharon Wellbrook

Districtwide Study Abroad Committee (DSAC)

Chair: Scott MacDougall smacdoug@dvc.edu

Ana Gutierrez (term ended 8/13)

JoAnn Hobbs (term ended 8/13)

Committee authorized by Curriculum and Instruction Procedure 4013

Districtwide Faculty Selection Committee for Semester-Length Study Abroad Program

Chair: Scott MacDougall smacdoug@dvc.edu

Nancy Whitman (2013)

Christine Park (2013)

Meets once per year in early December for three hours. Two LMC faculty representatives.

Committee authorized by Curriculum and Instruction Procedure 4013

District Professional Development Committee



Planning Committee [link]

Chair: Ryan Pedersen

CTE: Cecil Nasworthy (appointed 12/2013)

District Governace Council (DGC) [link]

Silvester Henderson (appointed 12/2013)

Faculty Senates Coordinating Council (FSCC) [link]

Silvester Henderson


Enrollment Management [link]

Chair: Kevin Horan (khoran@losmedanos.edu)

Non-CTE: Ginny Richards (vrichards@losmedaos.edu, appointed 12/2013)

Box 2A

Silvester Henderson

Michael Zilber

Accreditation Steering Committee [link]

Distance Education [link]

Developmental Education [link]


Chair: Ronke Olatunji (aolatunji@losmedanos.edu)

Sustainability [link]

General Education [link]

Chair: Joshua Bearden

Career and Technical Education [link]

Professional Development (PDAC) [link]

Co-Chairs: Mary Oleson and Ruth Goodin


Michael Yeong


Grade Appeal Committee

Local Planning Group (LPG, Staff Development, flex) [link]

Chair: Vacancy

Janice Townsend

Michael Yeong

Rosa Armendariz

Erlinda Jones


Student Success & Support Program Committee (formerly Matriculation)

Chair: Dave Belman

ESL/Basic Skills: Paula Gunder (appointed 12/2013)

Math/Basic Skills: Julie von Bergen (appointed 12/2013)

Counseling: Frances Moy (appointed 12/2013)

Counseling: Marco Godinez (appointed 12/2013)

Scholarship Committee [link]

Chair: Lindy Maynes (lmaynes@losmedanos.edu)

Louie Giambattista


Technology Advisory Group (TAG) [link]

Chair: Mike Becker

Kim Wentworth

Curtis Corlew


Teaching & Learning Committee [link]

Chair: Scott Hubbard

Equal Employment Opportunity Committee

Co-Chairs: Ruth Goodin and Ronke Olatunji

District Rep: Dr. James Noel and Theodora Adkins

Graduation Speaker(s)


Chair: Dave Belman