Members of the Academic Senate

Academic Senate Membership



Academic Senate President: Joshua Bearden - (925) 473-7841
7/1/2018 to 6/30/2020

Academic Senate Vice President: Laurie Huffman - (925) 473-7887
1/1/2017 to 12/31/2019

Academic Senate Financial Officer: Vacant

Academic Senate Administrative Assistant III: Abbey Duldulao - (925) 473-7660
1/1/2014 to Present


Represented Area Representative Alternate Rep.
Arts & Humanities/Philosophy/Drama Nick Garcia Edward Haven
Behavioral Science Alex Sample none
Biological Science Mark Lewis none
Brentwood Faculty Scott Hubbard Matthew Stricker
Child Development Janice Townsend none
Computer Science/Business/Travel Theodora Adkins none
Counseling Faith Watkins  
English James Noel none
Journalism/ESL/Foreign Language/Speech/ESL Laurie Huffman  
Library Roseann Erwin Christina Goff
Math Julie Von Bergen Maria Perrone
Music/Recording Arts Kyle Chuah Luis Zuniga
P.E. vacant none
Physical Science Mindy Capes Jeanne Bonner
Public Safety (Fire/EMS/Nursing) German Sierra Joyce O'Rourke
ADJUS/Social/Political Science Joshua Bearden Anthony Hailey
Voc Tech (Welding/Automotive/Appliances/PTEC/ETEC) William Cruz none
At-large Liberal Arts and Sciences Part-Time Julio Guerrero-Gonzalez none
At-large Student Services Part-Time vacant none
At-large Liberal Arts and Sciences Full-Time Estelle Davi none
At-large Career and Technical Education Full-Time Louie Giambattista none
At-large Career and Technical Education Part-Time Janith Norman none