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Financial Aid

Assisting students in receiving a college education


Information & Policies



Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

Each student receiving financial aid in the CCCCD District is expected to maintain satisfactory and measurable academic progress.

Satisfactory and measurable academic progress is defined within the District as successfully maintaining a semester and cumulative GPA (grade point average) of 2.0 (C or greater) and complete 67% (or more) units attempted each and every semester. Also, a student cannot exceed 150% of the maximum time frame as stated in the student educational objective.


In the event a financial aid recipient fails to maintain satisfactory and measurable academic progress (as defined above) in any one semester, he/she will be placed on financial aid probation the following semester. Students on probation who fail to maintain satisfactory and measurable academic progress (as defined above); will be suspended from financial aid the following semester.


For more detailed information regarding our SAP policies, please refer to:


CCCCD Student Satisfactory Academic Policy


Students Rights & Responsibilities


As a student at LMC you have the right to:

  • Know what financial assistance is available, including information on all federal, state and institutional financial aid programs.
  • Know the cost of attending LMC, its refund policies and academic requirements.
  • Know the deadlines for submitting applications for all financial aid programs.
  • Know the criteria used by the Financial Aid Office to award financial aid funds and how your financial need is determined.
  • Know the financial aid policies on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and implications of not making SAP.
  • Request a re-evaluation of your income based on special circumstances.  

Student Responsibilities

Things you should know as a financial aid recipient:

  • If you withdraw from all of your classes before you have completed 60% of the semester, you will be required to repay some or all of the financial aid you have received for that semester.
  • You must reapply for financial aid each year. The 2014-2015 FAFSA will be used to determine your eligibility for the Summer 2015, and Fall 2014 through Spring 2015 academic year at LMC.
  • Grants are disbursed to you by check on the designated disbursement dates (please check Insite Portal WebAdvisor for the award and disbursement schedule or click the following link to view: 2014-2015 Award Notification and Payment Calendar. Work-study funds must be earned and are paid monthly according to your hourly rate of pay and the number of hours you work.
  • BOGFWs are waivers of your enrollment and, if eligible, your health fees and are only refunded in a check or debit back to the student's account if you have already paid these fees and are eligible for a refund from the College.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy. You may potentially lose eligibility if you do not successfully complete all of your courses; exceed the total number of units allowed for your degree, certificate, or transfer program; or if your GPA falls below a 2.0. Click the following link to view: CCCCD Student Satisfactory Academic Policy
  • If you feel you have circumstances which may impact your eligibility, make an appointment with your Financial Aid Coordinator to discuss special circumstance options.


The information on this web site is compiled from various State, Federal and college sources and intended to provide current and prospective students and their parents a tool to help make informed decisions about financial aid options while attending LMC. This information is subject to change due to changes in federal or state regulations, College policy, Office of Financial Aid procedures or budgeting.