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Financial Aid

Assisting students in receiving a college education


About Financial Aid

Financial Aid Calculator


The Office of Financial Aid at LMC is committed to empowering our students by providing them with access to all state and federal funding, thus providing them with the tools to make educated decisions in the pursuit of their educational goals.


Our primary objective is to provide adequate financial assistance to the maximum pool of eligible students through the coordination of both state and federal funding. The Office of Financial Aid at LMC strives to provide fast, courteous customer service to all financial aid recipients and the LMC community throughout the financial aid process.

What is financial aid?

Student financial aid programs were created to assist students in paying for their college education. Funding for these programs comes from a variety of sources including the United States Department of Education, the State of California and several other private sources. Federal, State and private funds awarded to students can be used to pay for fees, books, supplies, room/board and transportation costs. Although Financial Aid is generally provided to assist with the costs of attending college, it is not intended in any way to supplement a students income or the parents ability to pay for their child's college cost.


How do I apply for financial aid?

  1. Students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) beginning January 1.  Renewal students (students reapplying for financial aid) must also apply for aid beginning January 1 of each year. The Office of Financial Aid at Los Medanos College encourages students to complete their FAFSA online at www.fafsa.gov. You will need to enter a school code. The school code for Los Medanos College is: 010340. Students who do not possess a pin number may apply for a pin online at www.fafsa.gov. **Note: Renewal students who do not receive notification of their renewal by January 15 should complete a new FAFSA online.
  2. LMC strongly encourages all students to complete a GPA (Grade Point Average) verification form. (Non-California residents may delete this step). Although the priority deadline is March 2, we will continue to accept applications until June 30, depending on availability of funding.

Types of aid

How awards are disbursed:

50% of the student's financial aid computation will be paid during the first week of the school term (Initial disbursement is based on number of units you are enrolled at the time disbursements are run). The second 50% of the computed financial aid, minus first installment payment, will be paid approximately the 9th week of the term. Students who have been awarded financial aid after 10/17/2014 will receive 100% of the Pell grant disbursement on the scheduled payment dates. Awards are based on attendance at the time check disbursements are run. Please refer to the Payment Schedule provided on Portal/WebAdvisor.


Please be sure that your correct address is on file with the Admissions and Records Office. Incorrect addresses will result in a delay of receiving your disbursement.


Enrollment Status

12 units or more
Three-quarter time
9 to 11.5 units
6 to 8.5 units
Less than halftime
1 to 5 units


Please note: Students who are less than full-time will receive a prorated award. Most financial aid programs require that your award be reduced based on your enrollment status. Please review the enrollment status chart above. The enrollment status chart applies to the summer, fall, and spring semesters for financial aid awarding.


Contra Costa Communtiy College District - Financial Aid Payment Schedule as follows:


Payment Schedule for 2014-15 will be posted soon. Please refer to the Payment Schedule provided in your InSite Portal/WebAdvisor.


What if I get denied financial aid?

All students are entitled to an appeal. Students who are denied financial aid are entitled to an explanation for a denial. The first step for a student who is denied aid is to complete the online Satisfactory Progress Workshop: