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EVIDENCE FOR standard iIi.a


evidence iii.a.1.d-1 through iii.a.2-8

III.A.1.d-1 Orientation Checklist-Hiring Manager
III.A.1.d-2 Board Policy 2002, Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment
III.A.1.d-3 Board Policy 2045, Smoking Policy
III.A.1.d-4 Board Policy 2046, Drug-Free Environment and Drug Prevention Program
III.A.1.d-5 Board Policy 2050, Lethal Weapons on District Property
III.A.1.d-6 EthicsPoint - Make A Report Webpage Screenshot
III.A.1.d-7 EthicsPoint - Follow Up on Report Webpage Screenshot
III.A.1.d-8 Board Policy 2001, Nondiscrimination Policy
III.A.1.d-9 Human Resources Procedure 1040.07, Unlawful Discrimination and Harassment
III.A.1.d-10 Curriculum and Instruction Procedure 4005, Student Appeals for Grade Changes
III.A.1.d-11 Liability Insurance Employee Brochure
III.A.2-1 Enrollment Management Committee Membership Roster Webpage Screenshot
III.A.2-2 Enrollment Management Committee Webpage Screenshot
III.A.2-3 Enrollment Management Townhall Assembly August 2012
III.A.2-4 Enrollment Management Guiding Principles
III.A.2-5 Enrollment Management Agenda 15Oct2013
III.A.2-6 Enrollment Management Minutes 15May2012
III.A.2-7 Enrollment Management Schedule Development Form
III.A.2-8 Email Announcement Beginning Resources Allocation Process for 2014-2015 Requests 03Feb2014