EvidenceStdII.C II.C.1-1toII.C.1-30



II.C.1-1 Library Mission Statement Revision Dialogue
II.C.1-2 Library Collections Table
II.C.1-3 Section 508 Compliance Statements from Library Electronic Databases Vendors
II.C.1-4 Library Workshop Schedule 2011-2012
II.C.1-5 Brentwood Center Tutoring Flyer
II.C.1-6 Tutor Training Plan
II.C.1-7 Computer Lab Spreadsheet-spring 2014
II.C.1-8 Online Classes at LMC Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1-9 InSite Portal Website Screenshot
II.C.1-10 DSPS Assessment Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1-11 DSPS Student Accommodations Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1-12 DSPS Alternate Media Form
II.C.1-13 DSPS Testing Center Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1-14 DSPS LRNSK 70 Syllabus
II.C.1-15 Library Hours and Staff Directory Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1-16 Back to Basics Recommendations for a High Tech Center
II.C.1-17 High Tech Center Training Unit-HTCTU of CA Community Colleges Website Screenshot
II.C.1-18 Alternate Media Table
II.C.1-19 DSPS Comprehensive Program Review
II.C.1-20 DSPS Courses and Syllabi Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1-21 Examples of Collaboration with Academic Departments
II.C.1-22 Library Millennium Circulation Statistics July 2011-June 2013
II.C.1-23 Compilation and Explanation of Evidence Regarding Collection Adequacy
II.C.1-24 Tutor Usage-2008 to fall 2013
II.C.1-25 Online Consulations Webpage Screenshot
II.C.1-26 Tutor Training Semester Length New Plan Tied to SLOs and TSLOs
II.C.1-27 Professor Is In Email 11Feb2013 Faculty Feedback
II.C.1-28 Professor Is In Totals By Semester spring 2010-fall 2012
II.C.1-29 Tutoring Subject Area Coverage Expansion (by semester)
II.C.1-30 Tutor Training Numbers fall 2008-spring 2013