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EVIDENCE FOR standard iI.A


evidence iI.a-1 through iI.a.1.c-21

II.A-1 New Instructional Program Proposal - Phase I Form
II.A-2 New Credit Programs Non-ADT Phase II Form
II.A-3 Narrative Template Traditional Degrees and Certificates-New Programs
II.A.1.c-1 LMC Program Assessment Results Webpage Screenshot
II.A.1.c-2 Journalism PSLO Report spring 2012
II.A.1.c-3 Teaching and Learning Committee Agenda 21Jan2014
II.A.1.c-4 General Education Committee Agenda 15Nov2013
II.A.1.c-5 General Education Committee Agenda 21Feb2014
II.A.1.c-6 General Education Committee Minutes 21Feb2014
II.A.1.c-7 CTE Meeting Minutes 25Feb2014
II.A.1.c-8 CTE Meeting Agenda 26Nov2013
II.A.1.c-9 CTE Meeting Minutes 26Nov2013
II.A.1.c-10 Department Chair Meeting Agenda 03Dec2013
II.A.1.c-11 Department Chair Meeting Minutes 03Dec2013
II.A.1.c-12 TRAVL CSLO Flex PowerPoint Presentation January 2012
II.A.1.c-13 Flex Assessment Morning Agenda spring 2012
II.A.1.c-14 Flex Assessment Morning Agenda fall 2011
II.A.1.c-15 Computer Science Advisory Board Meeting Agenda and Minutes 24Oct2013
II.A.1.c-16 Travel Marketing Advisory Board Meeting Notes 09May2013
II.A.1.c-17 PTEC Advisory Board Agenda and Minutes 14Nov2013
II.A.1.c-18 ESL Assessment Results Dialogue fall 2012
II.A.1.c-19 ESL PSLO Assessment Report to TLC spring 2012
II.A.1.c-20 Transfer Academy Summer Institute Assessment Notes 2012
II.A.1.c-21 Transfer Academy Assessment 2013