Eligibility Requirements Evidence 1-31



ER-1 ACCJC Reaffirmation Letter February 2009
ER-2 2014-2015 College Catalog
ER-3 SGC Minutes 08May2013-Approval of Mission Statement
ER-4 Governing Board Minutes 26Jun2013-Approval of LMC Mission Statement
ER-5 LMC Mission Statement College Catalog
ER-6 LMC Mission Statement, Vision and Values Webpage Screenshot
ER-7 LMC Educational Master Plan 2006-2016
ER-8 Program Review Submission Tool Homepage Screenshot
ER-9 CCCCD Governing Board Members Biographies
ER-10 CCCCD Governing Board Policies and Administrative Procedures
ER-11 Board Policy 1010, Code of Ethics of the Governing Board
ER-12 Board Policy 1020, Conflict of Interest
ER-13 Administrative Policy 1020.01, Conflict of Interest
ER-14 LMC President Bob Kratochvil Biography
ER-15 LMC President Bob Kratochvil's Contract
ER-16 Governing Board Meeting Minutes 23May2012-Approval of President's Contract
ER-17 District Office Organizational Chart-2013
ER-18 Chancellor's Cabinet Organizational Chart
ER-19 Spring 2014 Schedule of Classes
ER-20 Summer 2014 Schedule of Classes
ER-21 Fall 2014 Schedule of Classes
ER-22 Fall 2013 Schedule of Classes
ER-23 Los Medanos ADT Certification Form Signed
ER-24 Curriculum Committee Forms and Handbook Webpage Screenshot
ER-25 Sample Course Outline of Record-JOURN 010
ER-26 Journalism PSLO Assessment Summary 2013
ER-27 CCCCO Data Mart Program Awards Report for LMC 2012-2013
ER-28 CTE Completers Survey Results - 2012
ER-29 CTE Leavers Survey Results - 2012
ER-30 Curriculum and Instruction Procedure 4007, Philosophy and Requirements for Associate Degree and General Education
ER-31 Title 5 Section 55061