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Umoja Scholars Program

"A place where dreams and goals are realized"


What does "Umoja" mean?

Umoja is the Kiswahili word for UNITY.


What is the Umoja Scholars Program's Mission?

The Umoja Scholars Program is committed to enriching, fostering, and nurturing the educational experience of all students, especially African American and first-generation college students, ultimately preparing them for academic, personal, and professional success beyond Los Medanos College. This program addresses student needs through academic support services and a curriculum that focuses on African-American literature and history as well as contemporary issues facing the African-American community.


How does the Umoja
Scholars Program work?

To join the program interested students must be enrolled as an LMC student, have completed the English and Math assessment tests and have applied for the Umoja Scholars Program.


Once approved, Umoja Scholars will enjoy the benefits of registering for blocked Umoja classes in English, Math and ACS.


The following courses are offered through the Umoja Scholars program: Students will take the following paired classes to prepare them to reach graduation and transfer level courses:



Fall: Math 29 | English 95, 100/S or 221 | ACS 010

Spring: Math 12 & 34 | English 95 or 100/S | ACS 010


Students who have already taken these sequence of courses are welcome to join the Umoja Leadership Collective which is an officially chartered Los Medanos College club. Club membership will give students the opportunity to participate in Umoja Scholars events and activities, plan club events, and engage in leadership opportunities. Please contact us for more information: jastewart@losmedanos.edu or 925-473-7602.