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Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)

encouraging Enrollment, Persistence, Retention and Success


Welcome to EOPS


Online Counseling

On-line appointments for EOPS counseling is now available.

The EOPS Vision


EOPS students and staff are passionate

change‐agents who thrive as they create and nurture intentional, academic partnerships–partnerships that inspire people to choose trust over fear, equity over injustice, responsibility over victimhood, hope over apathy, self‐honesty over competition, and link personal success to the success of the greater good.



The EOPS Mission

EOPS is a state-funded, student support service program established to promote the enrollment, retention, persistence, and success (i.e., transfer, degrees, certificates) of students from low-income, underrepresented backgrounds in higher education by offering services that are above, beyond, and in addition to services available to all Los Medanos College students.


Through EOPS and CARE, eligible students receive supplemental educational support services, such as assistance developing educational plans, personal counseling, peer support, academic progress support, and guidance in developing effective academic networks. In addition, grants and allowances for transportation, books, and supplies are provided to enhance the retention, persistence, graduation and transfer rates of EOPS students.


For more information, visit the office in CC-257 (below cafeteria), or contact us at (925) 439-2181, ext. 3138.



2012-2013 EOPS Award Recipients






Kishana Brown

Entered EOPS: Fall 2010

Transferred to: University of the Pacific

2012-2013 EOPS Perpetual Spirit Award

K Brown



Alexandra Zapata

Entered EOPS: Fall 2011

Graduating from Los Medanos College Spring 2013 with an AS Degree in Business Administration

2012-2013 EOPS Acheivement Award

Apollonia Jordon

Entered EOPS: Fall 2010

Transfer to: San Francisco State University W/ AA in Liberal Arts, Math and Science.

2012-2013 EOPS Acheivement Award



JoAnn Narag

Entered EOPS: Spring 2011

Transfer to: University of San Francisco W/ AA in Liberal Arts Math and Science.

2012-2013 EOPS Acheivement Award

Maria Gonzalez

Entered EOPS: Fall 2012

Transfer to: Sacramento State University

w/AS in Anthropology and Sociology; AA in Liberal Arts: Behavioral Science and Social Science, Liberal Arts: Math and Science, Liberal Arts: Arts and Humanities and Psychology.

2012-2013 EOPS Acheivement Award






Updated 02/25/14