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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

A pipeline from high school, through LMC, and into four-year colleges and universities


About STEM



What is STEM?


STEM simply refers to the collection of disciplines that fall into one of the following categories:



Here at Los Medanos, many STEM disciplines exist throughout several departments.


What are STEM disciplines like?

Often students attempt to gauge their interest in STEM based upon their interest in the various STEM subjects taught in school. The problem with this is that STEM is so incredibly broad. In order to judge interest in STEM, it has been found more helpful to ask:


Do you like

Often people involved in STEM careers are more stimulated by these attributes of STEM disciplines than by specific elements of the subject matter.


Why study a STEM discipline?

Not only are STEM jobs often interesting, motivating, and stimulating, statistically they often pay more as well. You can see for yourself using websites like Payscale to compare.


Not all STEM jobs mean automatic employment with more money. Check out this article HERE or click on the STEM Careers tab for more information on some of the fast growing and high paying career options today.


What should STEM students be doing?

If you are a STEM student or are interested in becoming a STEM student, there are many resources available to you, and you should utilize as many of them as possible.

Finally, work hard in your math classes. While enjoying math is not necessary for students to enjoy STEM fields, completing your math sequence is almost always the most significant indicator of success for STEM students. Study hard, but remember you are not alone.



STEM Departments


Below is a list of departments and links to their webpages.