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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

A pipeline from high school, through LMC, and into four-year colleges and universities


Welcome to STEM

LMC Awarded S-STEM grant


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STEM education is an acronym for the fields of study in the categories of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The term is typically used in addressing education policy and curriculum choices in schools from kindergarten through college to improve the nation's competitiveness in technology development.


STEM Opportunities

Choosing a STEM major at LMC affords our students many opportunities to get involved in events on and off campus . Not only do STEM students have the opportunity to join organizations like MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement) and AMSA (American Medical Student Association), but they have the opportunity to apply to a variety of scholarships and internships available to them through industry partners and special grants. Check out the MESA and NSF STEM Scholars webpages for more information.


STEM Benefits

Our LMC STEM students benefit greatly here at LMC. They have dedicated learning centers and tutors found at the MESA Center, Math Lab and Biology Labs as well as a dedicated STEM Counselor to help with educational plans and transfer goals. Please see our STEM Careers page to learn all the wonderful career benefits of STEM graduates and our STEM Resources page to learn more about campus resources for STEM students.


STEM Student Perspective

STEM Students:  We want to hear your voice!  If your major is any one of the following below, we want to hear from you about any experience or perspective of yours related to a STEM topic of your choosing.

STEM Majors are: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, ETEC, Physics, PTEC, or Math.

Please, submit a 100 word write-up from your student perspective and be sure to include the title, your full name and major.  Email submissions to Ryan Pedersen at rpedersen@losmedanos.edu


The selected submission will be featured on our publications and the student with the selected entry will receive a $50 gift certificate to our very own LMC Bookstore.