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Planning & Institutional Effectiveness



Evaluation of the
LMC Educational Master Plan 2006-2016

Process and Timeline for Evaluation of LMC Educational Master Plan 2006-2016

GOAL #1: Improve the Learning of Students

Objectives Strategies

1.1. Continue to develop and strengthen programs and services for students in developmental education

    • Improve the Developmental Education model

1.2. Systematically assess student learning and respond to results with actions to improve learning

    • Use direct, indirect, and qualitative measures of student learning
    • Use assessment results to make changes in teaching/learning process that improve student learning
    • Implement a model for institutionalizing assessment
    • Pursue methods in which the college can reinforce the use of assessment.
    • Utilize professional activities that address student learning and assessment
    • Incorporate assessment activities and training for all faculty and staff.
    • Use direct, indirect and qualitative measures of student learning
    • Research the effectiveness of various modes of instruction, including lab hours, on-line courses, distance learning, etc.


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*If you have additional evidence to support achievement of this goal, please submit it via e-mail to BethAnn Robertson at brobertson@losmedanos.edu.




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GOAL #2: Create an Educational Environment in Which All People have a Chance to Fully Develop Their Potential and Achieve Their Educational Goals


Objectives Strategies

2.1. Improve the learning, success, and retention rate of students, especially African-American and Latino students

    • Research and implement processes that improve student achievement
    • Provide specific programs and services to targeted groups

2.2. Build a diverse and representative student body along with faculty, staff, and management.

    • Target outreach to various groups in a variety of venues

2.3. Promote understanding and appreciation of diversity

    • Provide professional development activities and training
    • Develop and modify curriculum

2.4. Increase the number of transfers, degrees and certificates

    • Increase counseling and advising
    • Increase marketing for certificates
    • Increase course offerings at various times of the day
    • Expand curriculum

2.5. Improve persistence rates for all students with long-term educational goals

    • Research persistence for various groups, including new, continuing and returning students
    • Improve campus climate, i.e., student activities
    • Enhance activities that promote student transfer


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GOAL #3: Offer High Quality Programs That Meet the Needs of Students and the Community

Objectives Strategies

3.1. Provide adequate program resources

    • Adequately staff programs with permanent employees
    • Reassess operating and categorical funds allocated to programs and student services
    • Reassess facility needs for programs and student services

3.2. Offer relevant and innovative curriculum

    • Examine current curriculum
    • Research new programs and curriculum at various institutions
    • Write and offer new curricula

3.3. Ascertain the needs of the campus and outside community

    • Create a “one-stop” student services organization and facility
    • Pursue the use of focus groups

3.4. Develop and sustain a professional development program for all employees

    • Redefine professional development and offer activities on campus


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GOAL #4: Ensure the Fiscal Well-Being of the College

Objectives Strategies

4.1. Grow enrollments productively

    • Target outreach towards underrepresented groups
    • Assess and improve marketing and outreach efforts
    • Implement enrollment management strategies
    • Focus on far-East County and Bay Point

4.2. Balance productivity of sections and comprehensive quality curriculum

    • Analyze factors influencing enrollment and productivity.

4.3. Ensure the effective use of college funds

    • Monitor and assess spending trends and needs
    • Promote a more equitable budget allocation at the district level


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*If you have additional evidence to support achievement of this goal, please submit it via e-mail to BethAnn Robertson at brobertson@losmedanos.edu.

  • 4.1.2  ESL example


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GOAL #5: Enhance a Culture of Innovation, Inclusiveness, and Collaboration

Objectives Strategies

5.1. Increase the participation rate of faculty, staff, managers, and students on committees, staff development, professional organizations and workforce partnerships

    • Research activities that increase participation in student leadership, college activities, and events
    • Provide information regarding East County demographics as well as make up of the student body
    • Provide funding for professional development, including professional conferences

5.2. Increase professional development

    • Offer training in new and emerging technologies
    • Redesign the professional development program

5.3. Promote innovation

    • Encourage professional development activities
    • Promote the use of new technologies
    • Promote membership and involvement with outside organizations


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GOAL #6: Establish a Culture of Research and Planning, Implementing, Assessing and Improving

Objectives Strategies

6.1. Increase our understanding of student and community needs

    • Conduct specific research on questions raised by general data sources
    • Use focus groups to conduct research
    • Establish venues to discuss implications of pertinent research in education

6.2. Conduct effective and on-going program review and planning

    • Improve and implement current program review model
    • Tie results of review to resource allocation

6.3. Review and improve Institutional effectiveness

    • Develop and improve indicators that measure our institutional effectiveness
    • Improve the communication regarding results of Institutional review
    • Improve institutional processes based on the data

6.4. Increase the use of research in decision- making

    • Incorporate research component into various committees on campus, i.e., institution-level SLO assessment
    • Establish a group that determines research priorities to meet college needs

6.5. Disseminate and implement action plans resulting from the assessment of institution-level SLO’s

    • Establish an assessment review cycle for institutional level programs represented on TLP


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*If you have additional evidence to support achievement of this goal, please submit it via e-mail to BethAnn Robertson at brobertson@losmedanos.edu.


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