Los Medanos College - Classified Senate


Shared Governance Council (SGC)

Chair: Dr. Bob Kratochvil

Classified Rep: Nicole Almassey, Deborah Baskin & Susie Hansen


Planning Committee 

Chair: Dr. Bob Kratochvil

Classified Rep: Leetha Robertson, Mary Oleson & Beth Robertson


Technology Advisory Group (TAG) 

Chair: TBA

Classified Rep: Jannifer Garcia, Sharen McLean & Eloine Chapman


Safety Committee

Chair: Alex Porter

Classified Rep: Eloine Chapman, Carole Rogers, Susie Hansen & Sandra Mills Local 1


Sustainability Committee

Co-Chairs: Brianna McCarthy and Jennifer Fay (CR)

Classified Rep: Crystal Stahl & Mike Smith


Professional Development Advisory Committee (PDAC) 

Co-Chairs: Mary Oleson & Sabrina Kwist

Classified Rep: Eric Sanchez, Shondra West & Courtney Diputado


Equal Employment Opportunity Committee (EEO)

Co-Chairs: Sabrina Kwist and Alex Porter

Classified Rep: Abbey Duldulao & Grace Villegas


Institutional Development for Equity & Access (IDEA) 

Chair: Nicole Trager

Classified Rep: Jamilia Stewart, Catherine Wood & John Nguyen


Enrollment Management 

Chair: Kevin Horan

Classified Rep: Grace Villegas & Imelda Lares


Student Success & Support Program Committee (3SP)

Chair: Carla Rosas

Classified Rep: Nicole Almassey & Deborah Baskin