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Welcome High School Seniors

LMC holds New Student Orientation for high school seniors on two Saturdays each spring. Whether you are pursuing an associate degree, planning to transfer to a 4-year institution, planning for a technical career or are undecided on your goal, attending orientation is the best way to begin college informed, prepared and energized.



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Orientation for High School Seniors


New Student Orientation for High School Seniors is held each year in April to prepare graduating seniors to begin college the following fall semester. If you are interested in attending LMC this spring, please sign up for a New Student Workshop to learn about college, meet with a counselor and create an educational plan.


About New Student Orientation for High School Seniors 

Whether you plan on transferring to a four-year university or are on a career path, there are important things you need to know before you begin college. Los Medanos College has developed an orientation for new high school grads because we know that those who attend orientation have an easier transition to college and learn to establish and complete goals sooner and with more confidence.


Those who attend an LMC orientation:

Once you complete your orientation, meet with a counselor and create an educational plan, you will be receive a priority registration date and be eligible to register for classes much earlier than students who do not attend orientation.


Parents are invited to attend and will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive information regarding expectations, student records, and financial aid.