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Graduation Policies


You should apply for graduation only if you plan to complete requirements for an Associate in Arts Degree, an Associate in Science Degree, or a Certificate of Achievement by the end of the term in which you apply. You should have already reviewed your academic record with a counselor. Applications for graduation are available online, at the Admissions & Records Office and Brentwood Center. All students will receive notification of the result of the evaluation based on the dates listed below. Notification will be sent to the student's InSite email address. Correspondence will NOT be sent by mail. If you miss a deadline for application, you may apply for the next term and your degree or certificate will be posted in the next term.


Application Deadlines

Admissions & Records will accept applications for graduation once you have registered for your classes. You need to apply for graduation during the term your requirements will be completed, not before. The following dates indicate the deadline to apply in each term. If you miss the deadline, you may apply for the following semester's graduation.


Term Deadline to Apply Notification of Eligibility Sent to All Semester Applicants via InSite Email Date Diplomas Will Be Mailed No Later Than
Summer July 1 September 1 October 15
Fall October 1 November 15 February 15
Spring March 1 May 1 September 15


Early Graduation for Priority Registration ** NEW **

In order to give students who are close to graduation an advantage in registering for the remaining classes needed in their last semester, students may apply for an early registration appointment by submitting an early application to graduate in the semester before their planned graduation date.

Criteria to qualify for the early registration option:

Transcripts From Other Institutions

Official copies of transcripts from other institutions must be received in the Admissions & Records Office prior to the graduation application deadline. Your application for graduation will not be accepted if your transcripts are not on file. If your last units will be taken at another college, please note this on your Application for Graduation. You will need to request an official transcript after the semester grades are posted. All units recorded on transcripts from other colleges are factored in with Los Medanos College units for a total GPA at graduation.


Where to Mail or Fax Your Application

Los Medanos College
Admissions Office-Graduation
2700 East Leland Rd
Pittsburg, CA 94565
Fax number: (925) 427-6351


Competency Requirements

In order to receive an Associate Degree or a Certificate of Achievement, you must meet the college competency requirements in mathematics, reading, writing and computer literacy (refer to the college catalog section on “Degrees and Awards”).


Catalog Rights

Students have the right to graduate under the terms of any of the catalogs that are published while in continuous enrollment prior to eligibility for graduation. Continuous enrollment is defined as the period of time in which a student’s record reflects completion of at least one course, for one semester or term during a given catalog (academic) year, from the time of original enrollment. A student who has a break in attendance must use the catalog that is in effect at the time of readmission. Nursing students must follow the nursing handbook of the year they were accepted into the program.


AA/AS Degree Requirements

Students must complete the AA/AS degree requirements, along with the requirements in a defined major for a minimum total of 60 units (all the units must be degree applicable). Of the total units completed, 12 units must be at LMC, with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher. All units recorded on transcripts from other colleges are factored in with Los Medanos College units for a total GPA at graduation.


NOTE: Students with a GPA below 2.0 may not apply for graduation.


IMPORTANT: If you are applying for a transfer AA/AS path you must submit a letter of acceptance for admission by an accredited 4-year transfer institution. Your letter either needs to indicate that you have been accepted to a major or accepted as junior standing. If we do not receive your letter, your graduation will be denied.


Certificate of Achievement Requirements

Students must complete the requirements listed for the Certificate of Achievement, including completion of competency requirements, 12 units in residency, and a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (all units must be degree applicable).



You will receive a letter from the Admissions & Records Office with your status. You will either be listed as 1) approved, 2) pending or 3) denied. If the letter states that you must provide more information, please make sure you do that at your earliest convenience as you will not receive any further correspondence. If you have questions once you receive your letter, please see a counselor.


Graduation Status Definitions

You will receive the "approved" status if you have completed all of your requirements.

You will receive the “approved pending” status if you are enrolled in your final classes the semester for which you have applied.

You will receive the “denied” status if you are not enrolled in your final classes during the semester for which you have applied. If you are denied, you will need re-apply for graduation in the term you will complete your requirements.


Some Reasons for Denial

You did not:

After you have Graduated

When To Expect Your Diploma

Your degree should be posted 4-6 weeks after the end of the term in which you have graduated. Your diploma will be mailed to the address listed on your Application for Graduation. See chart above for mailing date. If your address changes, please update your address in WebAdvisor and notify the office at lmcadmissions@losmedanos.edu.


Requesting Transcripts

If you wish to order transcripts, make sure your degree has posted. Once your degree has posted, you may order your transcripts.