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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Achieve your goals one vocabulary word at a time!


Student Resources



Make an appointment and meet with our ESL Counselor, Mr. Luis Morales, or an available counselor in the Counseling Center (CC3-414) to get information about ESL courses, other college courses appropriate for your level of English, and career and transfer options and pathways.




Come to the ESL Lab in CC2-281 to improve your English language development by using the ESL software (PDF of available software and the ESL levels for which the software is appropriate). As an LMC ESL student, you can also use the ESL Lab to work on any of your course assignments that require the use of a computer - for example, writing assignments, Internet research, online exercise completion, or Blackboard coursesite assignments. If you want to print something in the ESL Lab, you will need to follow the Pay for Print procedures. The ESL Lab is open from 9:00-3:00, Monday through Friday.




Take advantage of our wonderful ESL Tutors - they are peer tutors whom you can meet with one-on-one, in pairs, or in small groups. Our ESL Tutors

Our ESL Tutors come from a variety of cultural and language backgrounds and can offer bilingual assistance when needed. All of the ESL Tutors also participate in tutor training before the semester begins and throughout each semester. They are here to help you. You are in good hands. Ask for a current semester schedule of the ESL Tutors at the Center for Academic Support, which is on the third floor in the college's central core building.




The LMC Library is a wonderful place to explore and find support for improving your English and for expanding your understanding of our community and world. The staff at the LMC Library are friendly and professional, and they want to help you, so ask them for help.


All of the textbooks used in our ESL courses are on reserve and can be checked out overnight.


Additionally, there are seven levels of ESL Readers on reserve as well that can be checked out for a week or more. These readers include biographies, short stories, adapted novels, multicultural folktales, and regional histories and informational texts. The readers have vocabulary help and different types of comprehension questions to aid you in understanding what you are reading. Some of the readers also have audio CDs that you can check out too and listen to the texts as you read along. Here is a general guide in helping you select the best reader:



Visit the Center for Academic Support on the third floor in the core building (center of the college complex). In addition to the tutoring services mentioned above, this is also the place where you can make an appointment to see a Reading/Writing Consultant. These consultants specialize in helping all LMC students with different kinds of writing and reading assignments. ESL students taking ESL-043, ESL-044, ESL-013, and ESL-014 often see consultants, and they may even be required by their instructor to do so for help writing their paragraphs and essays and completing their reading assignments. Always remember to bring the instructions for the assignment and your books with you and be prepared to ask for specific help.




Check out the Career Center where you can learn more about which careers might suit you best, get help with job search skills (resumes and interviews), and locate college and career resources.