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English Language for Multilingual Students (ELMS)

Join our international community of students and teachers today,
and learn the language and thinking skills
and behaviors needed to successfully engage as a global citizen tomorrow!


ELMS Program Information and Student Support

ELMS/ESL Department & Course Information & Assistance

ELMS/ESL Department Chair and Program Coordinator: Paula A. Gunder, Ph.D.

Availability: FA15 Office Hours = Mon, 1-2:30; Tues/Thurs, 11-12; Wed, 5-6; Fri as needed

Email: pgunder@losmedanos.edu
(925) 473-7882



International Student Admissions Information and Assistance

Online: International Student Information

Admissions & Records Support Personnel:

Susie Hansen - shansen@losmedanos.edu                                                         
Diane Ahlborn: dahlborn@losmedanos.edu

If you are interested in additional information on immigration, application status, health insurance, and admission to the college, please contact A&R office (925) 473-7500 FAX: (925) 427-6351.



ELMS/ESL Counseling

ELMS/ESL Adjunct Counselor: Ms. Betty Frias-Jelks M.A., GCDF

Availability: FA15 Appointment Schedule = Mon, 11:00-7:00 and Tues, 10:00-6:00

Email: bjelks@losmedanos.edu
Phone:(925) 473-7449

Location: Student Services Center, Level 4 - Room SS4-400



ELMS/ESL Lab Information

ESL Lab Coordinator: Ms. Tennille McEwen

Email: tmcewen@losmedanos.edu
Phone: (925) 473-7869