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Engineers design and oversee the construction of the structures, vehicles, devices, and processes that solve the technological problems facing society. Engineering is a profession with both licensing requirements and a code of ethics.


The LMC Engineering program offers a solid foundation for upper division studies in most engineering fields, including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, industrial engineering, and many other engineering disciplines.


Students who complete the program will have finished most or all of the lower division courses required for transfer to four-year engineering programs. Graduates of the Engineering Program at LMC will also be able to: identify and solve engineering problems, perform and interpret experiments, produce designs to meet various needs, demonstrate professional ethics, communicate effectively, judge how engineering projects affect society and the environment, engage in lifelong learning, and use the tools and techniques necessary for modern engineering practice.


The courses required for transfer vary depending on the transfer destination institution and the desired engineering discipline. IGETC is NOT appropriate for this major. Students interested in engineering should meet with a counselor to plan their schedules as soon as possible.