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Center for Academic Support

helping your needs in all classes


A collection of writing resources

Matisse The SkaterCitation Resources


What is Plagiarism (PDF)

MLA Citation

MLA Essentials(PDF)

MLA Spring 2012(PDF) From the Library

Purdue Owl

APA Citation

APA Essentials (in progress) (PDF)

APA basics-tutorial

Purdue Owl


Purdue Owl Chicago Manual of Style

Essay Writing Documents Keep Calm and Carry On

Structure and organization

Paragraphs (PDF)

Outline (PDF)

Essay Structure (PDF)

Thesis statement (PDF)

Types of Essays

Argument /Persuasive Essay (PDF)

Writing an Argument (PDF)

Writing an Argument (PDF)

Compare and Contrast Essay

Cause and Effect Essay (PDF)

Syntheses (PDF)

Writing About Literature (PDF)

Writing in the Sciences (PDF)

Writing for History: a general guideline.


Matisse La Gerbe

Sentence Level Skills /Grammar

Adjective and Adverbs (PDF)

Apostrophes (PDF)

Articles (PDF)

Eight Parts of Speech (PDF)

Commas (PDF)

Conjunctions (PDF)

Conjunctions contd. (PDF)

One Hundred Ways to say "Said": Alternate Verbs to use in signal phrases


Relative Pronouns (PDF)

Prepositions (PDF)

Quotation Rules (PDF)

The Sandwich Technique (PDF)

Sentence Fragments (PDF)

Sentence Types fall 2012 (PDF)

Subject Verb Agreement (PDF)

Irregular Verbs (PDF)

Transitions (PDF)

Grammar Rules and Exercises at chompchomp.com


Activities to help students who are learning English as a Second Language