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Art Department

Art for the real world


Why Take LMC art classes?

picture of art studentsIt has many means of expressing feelings, sharing ideas, or merely observing the entire range of the human experience. The Art Program at Los Medanos College offers a complete program of study, both theoretical and practical, in an integrated fine and applied arts curriculum.


Many schools offer programs in art. What makes our program so unique? Simple... integrated course offerings and a faculty committed to a common philosophy and common goals.


Careers for people interested in Art

Contact the Art Department

Ken Alexander

Foundation classes, Art History, Humanities kalexander@losmedanos.edu 925.439.2181 x3169
Curtis Corlew Graphic Design, Photography, ccorlew@losmedanos.edu 925.439.2181 x3371

Lucy Snow Ceramics, Sclupture lsnow@losmedanos.edu 925.439.2181 x3384