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EVIDENCE FOR organization of self evaluation process


INT-2 2014 LMC-BRT Accreditation Data
INT-10 2013 Environmental Scan
OR-1 Accreditation Timeline-Final
OR-2 College Assembly October 2012-Accreditation PowerPoint
OR-3 Accreditation Steering Committee Meeting Agenda 13Feb2014
OR-4 Accreditation Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 13Feb2014
OR-5 Accreditation Steering Committee Meeting Agenda 27Mar2014
OR-6 College Assembly April 2013 Accreditation and Mission Statement PowerPoint
OR-7 2014 Brentwood Center Accreditation Data
OR-8 College Assembly September 2013 Accreditation and Environmental Scan PowerPoint
OR-9 College Assembly November 2013 Accreditation Update PowerPoint
OR-10 College Assembly April 2014 Accreditation Update PowerPoint
OR-11 College Assembly April 2014 Accrreditation Potential Actionable Improvement Plans Handout
OR-12 CCCCD Governing Board June 2014 Meeting Minutes-Approval of 2014 ACCJC Self Evaluation Report