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EVIDENCE FOR standard iv.B


evidence iv.B.3.e-1 through iv.B.3.g-4

IV.B.3.e-1 Contract Manager Organization Performance Annual Goals and Objectives
IV.B.3.e-2 Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting Schedule
IV.B.3.e-3 Chancellor's Cabinet Mission, Vision and Core Values
IV.B.3.f-1 Governing Board Agenda Sample Table of Contents
IV.B.3.f-2 Governing Board Reports-Samples
IV.B.3.f-3 Chancellor's Cabinet Agenda May 14 2013
IV.B.3.f-4 Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting Summary May 14 2013
IV.B.3.f-5 District wide committees and operation workgroups
IV.B.3.f-6 The News-Samples

Chancellor's Chats Schedule

IV.B.3.f-8 DW Managers and Supervisors Meeting
IV.B.3.f-9 DW Managers-Supervisors Sample Communications
IV.B.3.f-10 Budget Workshop Schedule and Presentation
IV.B.3.f-11 Chancellor's Advisory Team-CAT Meeting Minutes
IV.B.3.f-12 Chancellor's Cabinet Meeting Minutes
IV.B.3.f-13 DW Budget Message
IV.B.3.f-14 DGC Minutes 07162013
IV.B.3.f-15 Various Faculty Senate Coordinating Council Agendas
IV.B.3.f-16 Various Classified Senate Coordinating Council Agendas
IV.B.3.f-17 Student Trustee Advisory Council Agenda 9252013
IV.B.3.f-18 Various CRC United Faculty Contract Review Committee Agendas
IV.B.3.f-19 Various Local 1 Agendas
IV.B.3.g-1 District-Level Governance and Decision Making Assessment 2010 and 2011
IV.B.3.g-2 District-Level Governance and Decision Making Assessment Comparison of 2011 and 2012 Results
IV.B.3.g-3 DGC Meeting Minutes June 14 2011
IV.B.3.g-4 Chancellor's Cabinet Self-Evaluation