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EVIDENCE FOR standard iv.a


evidence iv.a.1-1 through iv.a.1-33

IV.A.1-1 Mission Statement Task Force Mtg 06Mar2013
IV.A.1-2 Mission Statement Task Force Recommendation Email 17Apr2013
IV.A.1-3 Mission Statement Task Force Mtg 27Mar2013
IV.A.1-4 Mission Statement Task Force Mtg 13Mar2013
IV.A.1-5 Mission Statement Task Force Prelim Mtg 06Mar2013
IV.A.1-6 Mission Statement Task Force Email Mtg Reminder 11Mar2013
IV.A.1-7 Mission Statement Task Force Mtg Email 21Mar2013
IV.A.1-8 Mission Statement Task Force Mtg Email 27Mar2013
IV.A.1-9 Mission Statement Task Force Mtg Reminder and Recommendation 05Apr2013
IV.A.1-10 Program Review Archives and Resources Webpage Screenshot
IV.A.1-11 Program Review Completion Instructions fall 2010
IV.A.1-12 Comprehensive Program Review fall 2012-CalWorks
IV.A.1-13 Comprehensive Program Review fall 2012-EOPS
IV.A.1-14 EXITO Grant Application
IV.A.1-15 STEM Velocidad Grant
IV.A.1-16 CUE Phase II Final Report 18Oct2013
IV.A.1-17 HoM-Habits of Mind Documentation
IV.A.1-18 CA Community Colleges ARCC Reports Webpage Screenshot
IV.A.1-19 2012 ARCC Data Report
IV.A.1-20 2010 ARCC Data Report
IV.A.1-21 2009 ARCC Data Report
IV.A.1-22 2008 ARCC Data Report
IV.A.1-23 2007 ARCC Data Report
IV.A.1-24 LMC Quick Facts 2010FA
IV.A.1-25 LMC Quick Facts 2011FA
IV.A.1-26 SGC Committee Structure-Position Paper Pages 5-6
IV.A.1-27 SGC Minutes 091212
IV.A.1-28 SGC Minutes 082411
IV.A.1-29 SGC Minutes 082510
IV.A.1-30 SGC Minutes 022410
IV.A.1-31 SGC Minutes 121212
IV.A.1-32 SGC Minutes 022212
IV.A.1-33 SGC Minutes 051111