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EVIDENCE FOR standard iV.a


i.b.1-1 through i.b.3-6

I.B.1-1 Email-Get Ready for Program Review November 2013
I.B.1-4 Planning Committee Minutes 06Mar2014
I.B.1-5 Teaching and Learning Committee Minutes 21Jan2014
I.B.1-16 SGC Sub-Committee Charges 2011-2012
I.B.1-17 SGC Sub-Committee Charges 2013-2014
I.B.1-18 SGC Minutes 100913
I.B.1-19 SGC Minutes 121113
I.B.1-26 SGC Minutes 012710
I.B.1-29 Distance Education Strategic Plan 2009
I.B.1-33 Comprehensive Review Template Administration and Support Units-fall 2012
I.B.1-34 Comprehensive Review Template Instructional Programs-fall 2012
I.B.1-35 Comprehensive Review Template Student Services Programs-fall 2012
I.B.1-43 College Assembly 01Nov2010 CUE Presentation PowerPoint
I.B.1-60 LMC Opening Day Big Ideas for Strategic Plan 2014-2019
I.B.2-6 Contra Costa Community College District Strategic Plan 2014-2019
I.B.2-10 SGC Minutes 042512
I.B.2-12 Program Improvement and Development Rating Form 2013-2014
I.B.2-13 Program Improvement and Development Form 2012-2013
I.B.2-17 Accreditation Steering Committee Meeting Minutes 02Feb2014
I.B.3-2 Planning Committee Charges 2013-2014
I.B.3-5 RAP Timeline for 2014-2015 Funding
I.B.3-6 RAP Request Form 2014-2015