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EVIDENCE FOR standard iI.A


evidence iI.a.2.e-1 through iI.a.2.h-2

II.A.2.e-1 Curriculum Committee Webpage Screenshot
II.A.2.e-2 General Education Committee Webpage Screenshot
II.A.2.e-3 CTE Committee Webpage Screenshot
II.A.2.e-4 LMC Math Assessment Data Email 17May2013
II.A.2.e-5 Summary of College wide Dialog on New Assessment Model
II.A.2.f-1 Integrated Model of SLO Assessment: A Synchronized Five-Year Cycle (diagram)
II.A.2.f-2 Documenting the Institutional Dialogue on Assessment of Student Learning
II.A.2.h-1 2014-2015 College Catalog - Guidelines on Units of Credits (pg. 65)
II.A.2.h-2 MUSIC 12 Course Outline of Record Online Supplement