Tscience buildinghe 51,000-square-foot science building was built at a cost of $25 million and completed in May 2008.  It was host to classes for the first time in June of 2008. It includes a wide variety of science labs: anatomy, general biology, major’s biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology and physiology, strength and engineering, and physics, along with a rooftop observatory with telescopes for astronomy classes. The building includes two lecture halls, one accommodating 128, the other 60.  There are two special areas: the “Biology Learning Center” on the first floor and a tech/media center on the second.  A total of 34 faculty and support staff are based in more than twenty office spaces. Additional prep labs and several conference, seminar and group study rooms complete the building. The spacing of classrooms, labs and prep areas were extremely well planned.