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Frequently Asked Questions

Prospective Students and Visitors

Where is LMC located? How do I get there?

Where can I park?
Where can I buy a parking permit and how much does it cost?

Where can I get a schedule of classes?
A printed schedule of classes is available at the LMC bookstore, the Admissions Office, and the Brentwood Center for $2.00. The schedule can also be viewed online by clicking the link above.


New Students: How to Apply & Register

I have never been to college. How do I get started at LMC?

I am transferring from another college. What do I need to do?
Follow the link above to the steps for all new students; however, you may not need to attend a New Student Workshop or take assessment tests. Have your official transcript sent from your previous college to the LMC Admissions Office for evaluation, then make an appointment with a counselor who will advise you as to what classes you still need to reach your goal. If you have assessment scores you wish to transfer from a California college or university, bring a copy to the Assessment Center, room CC2-256, for evaluation prior to your counseling appointment.

I am an international student. How can I enroll at LMC?

How can I enroll for classes online?


Academic Counseling

How can I make a counseling appointment?

How can a counselor help me?
A college education should help students achieve self-direction in decision making and planning.  To assist in progressing toward this goal, the College provides professional counselors who offer the following services:

  1. Exploration of solutions to personal and educational problems.   
  2. Exploration of vocational and career choices.
  3.  Exploration of vocational majors offered at LMC.
  4.  Exploration of majors offered at four-year colleges.
  5.  Advice concerning general education requirements.
  6.  Advice concerning major and transfer requirements.
  7.  Assistance in adjusting to college.
  8.  Assistance in developing good study habits and study skills

What general education classes do I need for an AA/AS degree or to transfer to a 4-year university? See the Associate Degrees and Certificates page in the Catalog of Courses.

Student Records/WebAdvisor

How do I obtain an official transcript of my grades?
Official transcripts may be requested on InSite/WebAdvisor

Where can I obtain my grades?
Final grades can be viewed online on WebAdvisor.

How do I log in to Insite/WebAdvisor?
Your user ID is the first initial of your first name, your full last name, and the last three digits of your student ID number; all letters are lower case. Your password is your six-digit birthdate, mmddyy. The first time you log in, you will be required to change your password.

What if I've forgotten my InSite/WebAdvisor password?

Call the Admissions Office, (925) 439-2181, ext. 37500 and ask to have your password reset to your six-digit birth date.


Programs & Services
How can I find out more about careers that match my interests and aptitude?
The LMC Career Center offers free workshops, career assessments and career exploration tools.

Are there child care services for students?

What financial aid does LMC offer and how do I apply?

Does LMC provide job placement assistance for students?

What nursing programs do you have and what are the requirements for acceptance?

Where can I go for help with personal issues beyond those LMC's counselors can help me with?

Who do I talk to about Veteran's Benefits?

Brentwood Center

What classes are offered at the Brentwood Center?

To see what classes are currently offered in Brentwood, click the link above, then check Location "Brentwood Center".
What services are offered at the Brentwood Center?


Online Classes

What online courses does LMC offer?
To see what classes are currently offered online, click the link above and select Course Type "Distance Education ".

How do I log in to my online class?


Searched the website and still have questions? Contact us.