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Welcome to LMC


How to

Steps for Returning Students

These steps are for students with long-term goals, those who are pursuing a certificate or degree at LMC. If you just want to take a few classes for personal enrichment or to enhance job skills, and do not plan to obtain a certificate or degree, follow the easy steps on our New or Returning for Personal Enrichment page.


Here's how to get started

bullet Step 1. Complete and submit an application for admission. Watch "How To" video.
bullet Step 2. Take your English and math assessment tests, if necessary, or mail your scores from another California community college to the Assessment Center or bring them to the Information Center.

bullet Step 3. See a counselor.

bullet Step 4. Register for classes and pay fees.


Step 1. Complete and submit an application

If you have not submitted an application for admission to LMC, please do so as soon as possible. Watch "How To" video


Step 2. Take English and math assessments or bring assessment results from another college

Assessment testing is strongly recommended if you have never taken a college English or math class before. If you are transferring from another California community college, you do not need to re-test; just mail your scores to the Assessment Center or bring a copy of your assessment scores to the Information Center, Room CC3-817. If you have taken English or math at your previous college or have taken advanced math in high school (higher than Algebra II), submit your transcript to the Admissions Office.


The Assessment Center is located in room CC2-256. Assessment is by appointment only. See the Assessment Center page for appointment information.


Step 3. See a counselor

It is important to see a counselor each semester to make sure you are taking the right classes to meet your goal. If you are transferring from another college, be sure to request an official transcript of your grades and submit it to the Admissions Office for evaluation. Transcripts must reach the Admissions Office at least two weeks before your counseling appointment.


Step 4. Register for classes and pay fees

When the Admissions Office receives your application, you will be given a registration appointment by email. You can check WebAdvisor once your application has been uploaded. You may register for classes online on or after your appointment time. Fees may be paid on WebAdvisor by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or in person by check, cash or credit card.


Reminder: If you are a transfer student (from a college other than LMC), it is very important that you submit your official transcript(s) to the Admissions Office for evaluation. The transcripts will be used to verify course prerequisites and evaluated to determine which classes you still need to acheive your educational goals. Submit assessment scores from other colleges to the Assessment Center.


Don’t have money for fees?

Visit the Financial Aid Office to find out whether you are eligible a fee waiver. You may also be eligible for a Federal Pell Grant or for scholarships. See Financial Aid or Scholarships for more information.