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Welcome to LMC


How to

Steps for Returning Students

Are you returning to LMC after an absence of at least two semesters? Are you pursuing a certificate or degree, or planning to transfer to a 4-year institution? If so, get started here!


Here's how to get started


1. Apply to LMC.

Submit an application for admission. To learn more, watch the "How To" video


2. Take the Online New Student Orientation, if needed

Strongly recommended for students who have not attended LMC for 3 years or longer. The online orientation will provide you with important information about college programs, services, policies, procedures, and requirements. Start the online orientation, if appropriate


3. Take your English and math assessment tests, if needed

Strongly Recommended for students who not been enrolled in college for 3 years or more and have not completed college-level English and math courses. If you have taken assessment tests at another California community college in the past 3 years, mail your scores to the Assessment Center or bring them to the Information Center. Sign up for assessment testing, if necessary, or see "Alternatives to Taking the Assessment Tests".


You may not need to take the assessment tests...

The Assessment Center is located in room CC2-256. Assessment is by appointment only.


4. Create an educational plan

5. Register for classes and pay fees.