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Information Technology






Wireless Instructions:


In order to provide a more secure computing environment and protect the wireless networks from abuse, starting July 28 2016, the district will transition to a new process for how “guests” will access campus/district Wi-Fi.


The current “guest” login ID/password will NO longer be active starting July 28th. You, as an employee will be able to complete an online form by providing the name of your guest, specify number of days they need access (maximum of 7 days) at which point you will instantly be provided a passcode and instructions on how your guest can connect to college/district Wi-Fi.


Detailed instructions can be found on District website at http://www.4cd.edu/wifi

Please note: This process is only for guests of your college that are outside the 4CD community. For ease of use employees are requested to register their device (instructions available at http://www.4cd.edu/wifi), once the device is registered at the site and you won’t be prompted for login for one year.

If you have questions regarding this change or if you are having trouble registering your device or generating a guest pass after July 28th, please contact the District Help Desk at 1-6888 or 925.229.6888.