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Train to become a certified welder


Certificate of achievement in Welding Technology


Courses range from basic to advanced welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals on sheet metal, plate and pipe in all positions using the oxyacetylene, shielded-metal arc, gas-tungsten arc, gas-metal arc, and flux-cored arc welding processes.  Proper metal preparation and weld quality assurance are demanded during the operation of the various welding processes.  Cutting processes covered include oxyacetylene torch cutting, air-carbon arc, and plasma arc cutting.  Emphasis is placed on safety practices, proper set-ups, utilizing the correct procedures and techniques in order to develop the critical manipulative skills so essential to meet the Welding Codes and Certification standards of industry and the technical knowledge required to meet the present and future demands of the welding industry. 


Recommended High School preparation: Pre Algebra Math, Physics, Mechanical Drawing, English – Reading & Writing


The recommended curriculum below lists the courses the student will need to complete to be eligible to receive the Certificate of Achievement in Welding Technology:

First Semester
Second Semester Units
WELD 10 Basic Arc Theory
WELD 16 Adv.  Lab  
WELD 11 Basic Arc Lab   
WELD 21 Adv. Lab
WELD 15 Oxyacetylene Lab
WELD 40 Adv. Theory
*ENGL 90 or higher
*MATH 7 or higher 


Third Semester
Fourth Semester Units
WELD 31 Adv. Lab
WELD 41 Pipe Lab
WELD 35 Blueprint Reading           
*COMSC 40 or 49

Consult the current class schedule of classes for availability


All Welding Technology students are required to have their own personal protective safety equipment which will be discussed on the first day of each lab. Estimated expenses for tuition, safety equipment, and textbooks average $2600 - $3000 for the Certificate Program.

Night student info: WELD 15 & 16 are offered at night during summer semester only. WELD 35 Theory is offered at night in the Spring and WELD 40 Theory is offered at night in the Fall semester.


Students who complete the Certificate of Achievement may continue their education towards an Associate of Science Degree in Welding Technology.


*These requirements may be satisfied by passing the proficiency test in each subject. See the on-line assessment schedule for the placement test. Consult with a school counselor to address specific LMC requirements for obtaining the Certificate of Achievement.