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Veterans’ Services



Information for Veterans


Los Medanos College is approved for the training of veterans, dependents of deceased veterans, and children of disabled veterans under applicable federal and state laws administered by the Veterans Administration and the State Department of Veterans Affairs. Eligibility American Flagfor benefits under any of these programs is determined by the appropriate federal or state agency. The College will make necessary certifications of enrollment and progress for such eligible students and will assist students in planning their program of study. Certification of attendance depends upon the student’s being registered in the College, being actively enrolled in courses, and requesting such certification.


Priority registration appointments are available by request to active military personnel and to veterans discharged within two years preceding the term of enrollment. Contact the Office of Admissions & Records at (925) 473-7500 or email us at Admissions & Records.


Only courses that meet requirements for the major and degree objective indicated on the veteran student’s record will be certified for payment of benefits. A change in educational objective requires that the student complete a new evaluation. Los Medanos College is approved to certify for an associate degree or a certificate of achievement, as listed in the catalog, or for transfer majors approved for UC and CSU only.


Veterans are cautioned that some courses are less than a semester in length and benefits are paid according to time and load.


Blue Ribbon

NEW! Blue Ribbon Counseling Services for Veterans

The LMC Counseling Department now offers priority counseling appointments to veterans in 5 business days. Student educational plans are required for all veterans. Appointments must be made in person or by phone.



Fall or Spring Terms:

12 units = full benefits
9 through 11 1/2 = 3/4 benefits
6 through 8 1/2 units = 1/2 benefits

Chapter 32 only: 3 through 5 1/2 units = 1/4 benefits


Summer Session:

For certification of full time
6 week session = 6 units
5 week session = 5 units
4 week session = 4 units

Veteran students must report any change in academic program to the Office of Admissions & Records immediately. Failure to report changes, such as withdrawal from courses or from the college, will be interpreted as a violation of the Educational Benefits Act.


A GPA of 2.0 is required to meet graduation requirements. A veteran or eligible person whose GPA falls below the required minimum average will be placed on academic probation for a maximum of two semester/terms. If the veteran or eligible person does not improve his/her GPA to the required minimum by the end of this period, their veterans benefit payments will be terminated. Additionally, repeated withdrawals from courses may also result in unsatisfactory progress. Unsatisfactory progress of two semesters/terms will also result in the termination of benefits.


Six elective semester units will be granted toward the associate degree for honorably discharged veterans, provided that elective credit applies toward the student's educational objective. The credit will be granted upon verification of completion of a basic or recruit training program with the U.S. Armed Forces.


Additional information may be obtained from the Office of Admissions & Records by calling (925) 473-7500 or from the Veterans Administration Regional Office, San Francisco, 1-800-827-1000.