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Not sure what you want to do? Try out some of these activities to get ideas!
Note: the website and activities are suggestions for self-reflection and not intended to provide answers to career questions or career paths. It is highly recommended to meet with a career counselor to discuss the results from any activities in this section.


Values/Work Environment



  • Woofound Personality Assessment - Click on "Sign up" button to create a free account. Then proceed to the activity which takes about 15-20 minutes, showing pictures of actions and activities and asks you "like me or not". You simply select which the picture represents. At the end of the assessment it will give an overview of personality traits and details, as well as career matches and career profile overviews. Want to keep a summary of your results? Use this Woofound Summary Sheet.
  • 16 Personalities - Click on the "Take the Test" button to do this assessment which takes about 10-20 minutes. This activity is similar to the Myers Briggs Type Personality Indicator (MBTI) provides you with information on your personality preferences such as how you make decisions, where you get your energy from, how you prefer to process information, and how you like to organize things around you in the world. This information is useful when exploring different career and work environments and activities. Want to keep a summary of your results? Use this 16 Personalities Summary handout. Want to know about the 4-letter code in your results? Use the MBTI Overview handout for descriptions of each of the letters and and the MBTI 16 Personality Descriptions handout for a short overview of each of the 16 personality type descriptions.


  • Holland Code Interests Activity This downloadable handout can help you quickly assess what your Holland Interest Code is, which has connections to many options of majors and careers.
    • Use the first page of the handout to identify your three Holland Interest Codes.
    • Then use the Holland Packet to read over each of those interest area pages which lists characteristics of the interest area, LMC related majors, 4-year school related majors, and career options.
    • Finally use the second page of the activity sheet to write down those characteristics, majors, and careers you want to remember and further explore
  • O'Net Holland Code Interest Profiler (click “next” button at bottom right of box to continue to activity) - Activity takes about 15 minutes. At the end you will see your 3 letter Holland Interest Code. You can use this code to match to career fields that involve those same interests.
  • Interest Career Test - Activity takes about 20 minutes of answering questions about how much you like or dislike participating in different work activities. At the end it will show you categories of types of work that are high, medium, or low interest for you. You can then use those categories to search for career descriptions, including salary and projected job growth.