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 LMC Career Services 2018-19

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Hispanic Association of Colleges and Employers National Internship Programming!  
October 18th, Thursday  1:00pm-3:00pm
Location:  Room CC3-336



For students exploring a variety of career paths and interests, the Transfer/Career Center 


 Counselor/Advisers DROP IN  Hours (TBA)  
 Visit or call Transfer/Career Services and schedule a visit today!  
Counselor/Advisor Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Henry Ta-Career Counselor          
Edward Beanes-Career Adviser          
 Cynthia Perez-Nicholas-Career Services          


Approximately 80% of all college students change their major at least once.
Making a decision about your major and career can be difficult.  The Transfer/Career center can help you research major and career options to find one that interests you.

Rather than choosing a major by flipping a coin or random guessing, approach the process in a wise and thoughtful way. The Transfer/Career Center offers a variety of tools and assessments for pointing you to a fulfilling career path.

 Exploring and Deciding
Explore, discover and gain exposure to the world of work.  Choose your path...think about internships, work experiences that are relevant to your major.  Consider previewing each area and experience career paths that can help you learn more about the world of work, and how you fit into the opportunity land of employment and careers.  


    Undecided?  Need help choosing a major?  


    • Are you undeclared?  Not sure what to choose at LMC?     
    • Are you an undecided student?
     Examine your interests, personality, skills, values and other factors that influence career decision making.
    3:00pm-4:00pm-LL214 LMC Main Campus

    Career Exploration Workshop

    October 2nd  Tuesday

    October 9th  Tuesday

    October 10th Wednesday

    October 11th  Thursday

    October 17th  Wednesday

    October 24th, Wednesday

    October 30th, Tuesday


    Too busy to attend a workshop at LMC?  Visit our ONLINE workshops for students who would like to learn more about major and career exploration.  We will cover specific majors, highlight programs at LMC, and review transfer opportunities for students who want to further build their pathways to careers.  

    Online  Career-Major Exploration Workshops


    Make your Resume Pop!  :  Learn how to create and develop a resume for current and future employment 

    Linked In:  Networking is key to any students success.  Learn how to optimize your Linked In Site and connect with diverse professionals

    Perfecting the Interview:  Crush the interview you have by preparing and attending our workshop.  Learn the STAR Method, Elevator Speech, and other key strategies that support your opportunity with employment.  

    Effective Job Search Strategies:  What does FIT mean to employers?  Key strategies will be provided to students seeking employment and a career.

    Internship Preparation:  What is an internship?   Students will learn what an internship is and how it can support educational pathways towards career success!  Internship resources will be shared along with local, regional, and national opportunities for students at LMC.