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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

A pipeline from high school, through LMC, and into four-year colleges and universities



For High school students

2013 Contra Costa Science & Engineering Fair

By Ade Origunwa


Student, Shilpa roao, stands next to her presentation.

Although classes were out during  Los Medanos College’s Spring Break, the campus was still quite active hosting the 2013 Contra Costa Science & Engineering Fair for middle and high school students, March 21-23rd. 


In celebration of this year’s fair, Physical Science faculty members Jeanne Bonner and Scott Cabral shared this in their latest email addressed to the LMC community,


Since we absorbed the San Ramon Valley Science and Engineering Fair last year, we have grown to 256 projects with over 300 middle and high school kids, many of whom will be our future students. The awards ceremony today brought several hundred people into the gym, including quite a few who said they had never heard of Los Medanos College. On the other hand, some local teachers have started to call the event the Los Medanos Science and Engineering Fair, which is nice from the point of view of community outreach.”   


Instructors Cabral and Bonner also wanted the community to know that they welcome volunteers to join in the work and fun for next year’s event. 


LMC STEM student and CCSEF volunteer, Steven Brown, said he helped by doing things from moving boxes to listening to anxious students practice their presentations.  He shared,

"No matter where I went throughout the science fair, there was always a person who needed some help…I was glad to help out… and I am willing to do so again."


For more history and registry information for the Contra Costa Science & Engineering Fair (CCSEF), or to see this year’s champions, please visit the CCSEF website at:  http://www.cccsef.org/about.html


To get more information on volunteering, email Scott Cabral or Jeanne Bonner at: scabral@losmedanos.edu or jbonner@losmedanos.edu


For Counselors

High School & Beyond: College and Career Expo!

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