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STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

A pipeline from high school, through LMC, and into four-year colleges and universities


contact us

Main Campus Phone: 925.439.2181

Fax: 925.427.1599


STEM Department & Program Info

STEM Grant Personnel


Ryan Pedersen

Director, (925) 473-7680, rpedersen@losmedanos.edu

Ryan serves as director for the STEM grant and main grant contact with the Department of Education. He has primary leadership responsibility for all grant related initiatives, and also takes a lead position in evaluation and data collection associated with grant projects.

Contact Ryan for management related matters.


Nicole Trager

MESA Director (925) 473-7685, ntrager@losmedanos.edu

The MESA Director oversees planning and implementation of the MESA Program as they pertain to STEM and state sponsorship.

Contact MESA for enrollment or MESA partnership related matters.


Marco godinez

Counselor, (925) 473-7460, mgodinez@losmedanos.edu

Marco is the STEM Counselor responsible for meeting with STEM/MESA students regarding their educational and transfer planning, career direction and transfer applications.

Contact Marco for STEM/MESA counseling matters.


ana castro

Initiatives Connector, (925) 473-7679, acastro@losmedanos.edu

Ana is the STEM Initiatives Connector and responsible for developing a comprehensive knowledge of activities and needs that exist at both Los Medanos College (LMC) and the community with regards to STEM education and student success. As the Connector she links LMC initiatives with the external community, with special connections to local high schools and industry partners in the East County.

Contact Ana for STEM involvement and programs that include the community at-large.


stem officE

Margie Ahola, (925) 473-7684, mahola@losmedanos.edu

The STEM Office staff is responsible for record and bookkeeping, publications, and correspondence within the grant. The office staff assists the STEM and MESA Directors and other staff as needed with the operations and administration of programs and services.

Contact the STEM Office for documentation and paperwork processing matters including project purchasing, travel, and payroll.



S-STEM Scholarship Personnel


Muhammed Gheith

STEM Scholars Coordinator (925) 473-7685, mgheith@losmedanos.edu

Muhammed oversees all STEM Scholars Program related matters, including the tracking and implementation of program requirements and activities, organization of the STEM mentoring program, and recruitment of new scholars.

Contact Muhammed for all STEM scholarship related matters.



STEM Deans


Dr. A'kilah Moore

Dean of Math & Sciences

Office of Instruction- (925) 473-7404

(Biological Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, Math, MESA, STEM Grant, PTEC, ETEC)