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Special Admit/Concurrent Enrollment Information & Policies

Students who are 14 years of age or older, and those who have completed the eighth grade or higher are eligible for concurrent enrollment as 'special admit' students, provided they: (1) have obtained written parental consent and either a written recommendation from the principal of their school or an affidavit of home schooling, (2) have demonstrated adequate preparation in the discipline to be studied, and (3) have availed themselves of all opportunities to enroll in equivalent courses through their school of attendance. Registration must be completed in person beginning on designated enrollment dates.


How to Enroll

Special Circumstances

If you are are under 16 years of age, you must:

If you wish to appeal the unit limit (7 units for fall/spring; 5 units for summer), you must:

Other Forms To Bring

Prerequisite Verification

Special Admit students must bring documentation to verify prerequisites (if required) at the time of registration (see "Course Prerequisite" information). Note that enrollment in English and some math classes requires completion of the LMC assessment test prior to registration. Students must have an appointment to take an assessment test. Information can be found on the assessment page.


Fee Information

Concurrently enrolled special admit students who are enrolled in less than 12 units do not pay California Enrollment Fees. If the student is approved to take 12 or more units, students will pay enrollment fees for all units. All students pay the student union fee of $1.00 per unit to a maximum of $10.00 per academic year. This fee should be paid at the time of registration.


Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee allows the Los Medanos College Associated Students (student government) to provide scholarships, leadership opportunities, cultural programs and other co-curricular programs for the college. It also funds programs such as the textbook on reserve program that allows students to check out course textbooks for use in the library. Students may request a refund of the fee by submitting the Student Activity Fee Refund Request Form before the refund deadline.


Enrollment in PE Classes

In line with State law, Special Admit enrollments are limited to 10% of the class maximum in PE (Physical Education) classes. This allows about 2 – 3 special admit students to enroll in each PE section every term. Unfortunately we do not know the course has reached the 10% limit until the student attempts to enroll.


Special Admit Policy

  1. Title 2, Chapter 5, Article 1, Section 48800 of the California Education Code allows the governing board of any school district to determine which students would benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work. The intent of this section of the California Education Code is to provide educational enrichment opportunities for a limited number of eligible students, rather than reduce current course requirements of elementary and secondary schools. Los Medanos College interprets 'advanced scholastic' coursework as those courses that are designated as degree applicable (DA). See the LMC catalog to identify degree applicable courses. Los Medanos College reserves the right to exclude or limit enrollment of concurrently enrolled students into impacted programs and in other programs or courses based on health, safety, instructional methodology, faculty constraints, or legal requirements.
  2. Special Admit students registering for LMC courses at CCC or DVC prior to LMC's Special Admit enrollment dates will be dropped from the LMC courses.


Student Responsibilities

  1. You must register for approved classes only. Registering for non-approved classes will result in loss of Special Admit privileges. All coursework at LMC becomes a permanent part of your academic history. Grades received or excessive drops have implications for future status at the college involving financial assistance, athletic eligibility, probation, etc. Clear prerequisites and arrange for testing if necessary. You are responsible for reviewing and abiding by all academic and student life policies in the Schedule of Classes and the College Catalog. Make sure that you meet all academic deadlines. Books and materials must be purchased for all classes. They are not loaned or given out free of charge. LMC is an adult academic learning environment and you are expected to behave accordingly.
  2. By signing in the space provided on the Special Admit Enrollment Form, you agree that you are eligible to enroll as a concurrently enrolled student and that you will abide by all LMC policies and procedures. Additionally, you agree that you have reviewed these expectations with your parent or guardian.


Parent or Guardian Information

  1. Special Admit students are treated like every other college student. All college coursework is governed by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which allows release of academic information, including grades to the student only regardless of age. Academic information is not released to parents or third parties without written consent of the student. Upon consent by the student, information is only released to the authorized party in person or in writing. (NOTE: The student's and parent's or guardian's signatures on the front of the Special Admit form authorize release of academic information to only the parent or guardian who signed the form.) LMC Admissions and Records Office does not keep daily attendance records for students. Parents should not contact college offices or instructors with the expectation of accessing their student's attendance or other information.
  2. Review your student's Special Admit Enrollment form with him or her. Please be aware that all coursework at LMC becomes permanent record on a student's academic history; grades received or excessive drops have implications for future student status at the college, involving financial assistance, athletic eligibility, etc.


(1) By giving consent on the LMC Special Admit Recommendation form, parents or guardians of concurrently enrolled students agree that they understand the college is an adult learning environment and students are expected to behave accordingly. Parents or guardians further understand that classes will be taught at the college level and the curriculum or college procedures will not be modified nor will other accommodations be made.


(2) By signing the LMC Special Admit Recommendation form, the principal confirms that (1) the student will benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work (2) the student has demonstrated adequate preparation in the discipline to be studied, (3) the student has availed himself or herself of all opportunities to enroll in an equivalent course at his or her high school of attendance, and (4) no more than five percent of the students at any one grade level at his or her school is concurrently enrolled.


(3) As required in California Education Code 33190.