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Admissions & Records



Admissions & Records Policies

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Adding a Class (Late Registration)

Effective with the start of a new term/semester, an instructor's approval is required to enroll in a class that has reached maximum enrollment. You should plan on attending the first class meeting to seek approval for adding a full (closed) class. First priority for late adds will go to students who are on the wait list. Instructors may choose to add additional students, on a space available basis.

If you are approved to add during the late registration period*, your instructor will give you an add card with a unique add code. There are two ways to complete the late registration process:

*Add codes will only be accepted through the designated last date to add.


On the day the class begins, students will need a late add code to add the class even if there is room in the class.


Late Add Policy

If you do not register for classes during the late add period, you can register using a Late Add Petition. This form must be signed by the instructor indicating the student's first date of attendance was prior to census, then signed by the Director of Admissions & Records. The student must bring the form to Admissions & Records by the fifth (5) business day after the census date of the course to enroll. Students can obtain the census date information from Admissions & Records or the website. After this date has passed, the student will no longer be allowed to register and will need to stop attending the course.


Course Drops

If you have enrolled in a class and do not attend the first class meeting, the instructor may drop you, as a "no show". However, as a student, it is ultimately your responsibility to drop any courses which you decide not to attend. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade.


Since drop deadlines will vary (with or without a refund) depending upon the length of the course, you should check WebAdvisor "My Class Schedule" or consult your instructor. Drop dates for semester-length courses are published in the class schedule and on the academic calendar posted on this web site.



Matriculation is a state mandated process which promotes a mutual commitment by faculty, staff, and students to work together to help students develop clear educational goals and be successful in reaching those goals. At Los Medanos College the required components consistent with Title 5 regulations are:

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Course Enrollment Priority

Enrollment is based on Title 5 mandates and policies established district-wide. Earliest registration is available for students in the Disabled Students Programs & Services (DSPS), students participating in the Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) and qualified veterans. Second priority is for continuing students, based on completed degree applicable units accumulated within the Contra Costa Community College District. Returning, new matriculated and exempt students may then register. Last is new, non-matriculated students, followed by concurrently enrolled special admit students.

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Some courses have prerequisites or advisories included with the course description. These are designated by the instructional departments to assist students in selection of course levels for their maximum success. References to “successful completion” implies with a grade of ‘C’ or better.


Prerequisite: A course or other requirement that must be completed and verified prior to enrollment in a more advanced level course.

Advisory: A course that is recommended, prior to enrollment in another course. The recommended course is useful as an indication of the desired level of proficiency needed to successfully complete the next course level.

Important: To ensure proper placement, prerequisites for all classes will be checked at the time of registration. If you have taken a prerequisite course at an institution other than LMC, you should request to have an official transcript sent to the LMC Admissions & Records Office prior to registration or bring a transcript with you for purposes of verification.

Prerequisite challenges Prerequisites may be challenged through the end of the first week of instruction for semester-length classes or through the last day to add for short-term classes. Challenge forms are available through the Admissions & Records Office. A student may be conditionally enrolled in a course upon submission of a completed challenge form. If the challenge is denied, the student will be dropped from the class and the enrollment fee will be refunded.

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Duplicate or Conflicting Courses

Students are not permitted to enroll in two sections of the same course and may not enroll in courses that have scheduled meeting times which conflict.

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Course Load

Twelve units is considered full-time for benefit purposes through the Veterans Administration and through Social Security. Athletes, financial aid students, etc., should note there is a unit load and unit completion requirement. Nineteen units is the maximum load without approval from the Director of Admissions & Records. Students should discuss the question of appropriate course load with a counselor.

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Enrollment In Non-repeatable Courses

Students will be limited to enrolling in credit classes a maximum of three times. This includes students earning substandard grades or dropping with a “W.” Students will be notified upon registration if they are enrolling for a second time. Students enrolling for a third time will be blocked from registration and required to submit a petition to repeat.

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Open Course Policy

It is the policy of the Contra Costa Community College District that, unless specifically exempted by statute, every course and course section, the average daily attendance of which is to be reported for state aid, wherever offered and maintained by the District, shall be fully open to enrollment and participation by any person who has been admitted to the College and who meets such prerequisites as may be established pursuant to Chapter II, Division 2, Part VI, Title 5 of the California Administrative Code, commencing with Section 51820.

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Evening, Day and Weekend Courses

In addition to the courses starting from 8 a.m., Monday through Friday, courses are also presented in the evening. All are available to regular day students as well as to those persons who can take courses only at night. Weekend offerings are also available, as well as many short term classes which are scheduled throughout the semester. Opportunities are available for those who may want to broaden their general education, wish to learn or improve a vocational skill, and who are working toward a college degree.

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Instructional Materials

Board Policy 5017 states that each college of the Contra Costa Community College District may require students enrolled in credit or noncredit courses and programs to provide certain instructional and other materials including, but not limited to textbooks, tools, equipment and clothing if:

The instructional and other materials are used in the production of an “end product” that has continuing value to the student outside of the classroom setting.

Eligible students unable to buy their books may request assistance through the Financial Aid Office.

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Course Information

In each course students are entitled to a course information sheet. The information about the course includes:

1) Title and catalog number;

2) Instructor’s name, office, phone extension, and office hours;

3) Course overview, including instructional methods and goals;

4) Course meetings and a tentative course calendar of tests and special assignments;

5) Textbooks and special materials required and information about appropriate audio-visual or “on reserve” materials in the Learning Center;

6) Policy on attendance; and

7) Evaluation criteria for grades.

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Cancellation of Courses

The College reserves the right to cancel before or after the first day of instruction any planned or scheduled courses due to insufficient enrollment or inability to secure a qualified instructor.

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Wait List Procedures

You have 3 calendar days to add your class once you have been given permission to enroll. If you are on a wait list, please check WebAdvisor frequently and check your InSite email for notification.
NEW!!! If you have added yourself to a waitlist and would like to have a text (SMS) message sent to your registered cell phone if a seat becomes available, please opt-in to receive enrollment information via text message. To opt-in click on the link OPT-IN and choose "Yes" next to "Enrollment Information".


If you have added your name to a wait list or intend to do so, read on for important reminders about wait list procedures: