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Professional Development and Learning - Flex



Flex Information

The Equity and Inclusion Ofice coordinates professional learning (including Flex) activities through PDAC and the Local Planning Group (LPG) for Flex. Both groups are comprised of Faculty, Managers, and Classified Staff who review and approve all professional learning and Flex credit-eligible activities prior to



Professional Development - Workshop Enrollment - SUBMISSIONS FOR FA18 FLEX WEEK HAVE ENDED.

To submit a Flex proposal for FA18, please submit it at this link: Receipt of proposals for FA18 Flex week has ended.

If you miss the SP18 Flex proposal deadline,You may submit a request for later in the semester after Flex week by using the Variable Flex proposal link below.


To Schedule a room for your workshop on 25Live, click here for instructions: Process for Event Scheduling-2017

Important Note: You must be logged in to 25Live to reserve a room. Make sure you are not in "practice mode". Please contact Grace Villegas for additional help with 25Live at gvillegas@losmedanos.edu


Please visit the links below to submit a Variable Flex request or a Special Project activity.


Other opportunities are available throughout the semester. Check the registration link for more information.

Sign-in Sheet Template - Workshop Presenters: Have workshop participants sign-in at the activity. This sheet is used along with the required on-line registration names to verify attendance for Flex credit. Turn in the sheet to Mary Oleson after the activity.


Workshop Registration on District Site:

Register button