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International Students



Student Stories

Konstantinos Koumar- GREECE

Konstantinos Koumar- GREECE

Transferred to CSUEB- Information Technology and Management


My advice to incoming students:"..be active in your classes and learning....listen and participate"



If I knew then what I know now "I would have come to LMC sooner than later".



"I would recommend LMC to family and friends. It's convenient and saves money as you prepare to transfer to university because you can take your lower division at LMC."


Dhariya Marwaha- IndiaDhariya Marwaha- INDIA

Current Student: Business Administration


"I started at a private university near Fresno, CA. I wanted to transfer to UC Berkeley. The units I was taking at the private university do not transfer to Cal. I came to LMC because it is cheaper."


"One thing that has helped me at LMC are the instructors."


"In India, coursework is fixed. There is no room to explore your interests. I like studying in America because I can take classes that are interesting to me."


"There is a positive vibe at LMC with a sense of community."


Ken Umehara- JAPAN

Current Student: Sociology

Ken Umehara


"I chose LMC for the location and size. It is small enough to have opportunities to speak English with native English speakers and make new friends."


"What I like most about Los Medanos College are the classes and the Student Life Office that have given me a chance to become more familiar with the campus community."


"I am looking forward to meeting new international students."











Takeru Nozue- JAPAN

Shimonoseki Sister City Program


Takeru“At first, I felt lonely and isolated and at times stressed because I was outside of my comfort zone. I never gave up. I tried to communicate with many people actively to change myself. As a result, I made a friend who is now one of my best friends in America.”


“My study abroad experience brought me great influence and spiced up my life. I will never forget this experience.”