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International Students



How can i help you?

What degrees do you have to offer at LMC?

Los Medanos College offers a variety of certificate and degree programs that can lead to employment and/or transfer to four year universities. For a detailed list of programs of study visit the Degrees and Certificates page


What courses do I need to take for my major?

Your major will determine what courses you will need to take. Review degree requirements in the catalog and with a counselor in the development of your educational plan to avoid taking unnecessary classes and delaying your graduation or transfer plans. You can find the online catalog HERE


Do I need to take an English Proficiency Test to be admitted into LMC?

Student must have a certain level of English proficiency to be successful at LMC. This requirement may be demonstrated by submitting OFFICIAL scores from one of the following English proficiency tests:

Assessment SCORE
TOEFL Internet


TOEFL Compute 157
IELTS 5.0 (minimum band score of 4.5)
International Education Center Advanced B Certificate
International General Certificate of General Education Certificate
General Certificate of Education Completion of Level O
Graduate from US High School transcript
Graduate from English medium diploma programme at International Baccaluareate School Diploma


How much does it cost to attend LMC as an International Student?

International students must submit documentation indicating ability to cover all expenses for at least one year, which includes tuition, fees, related academic costs, books, living expenses, transportation and miscellaneous expenditures, for themselves and any dependents.


Fees for 2018-2019 are:

$7200....Tuition and Enrollment Fees (based on 12 units)
$50.......Application Fee
$9066....Food and Housing
$1750....Books and Other Educational Expenses
$1254....Health Insurance
$3000....Miscellaneous and Personal Expenses

$23, 600.00

When is the application deadline?

Fall semester (August- December)  

Apply March 1- July 1

Spring semester (January- May)  

Apply August 1- December 1



Do I need to purchase health insurance from the college if I have my own health insurance?

Student must have a certain level of English proficiency to be successful at LMC. This requirement may be demonstrated by submitting OFFICIAL scores from one of the following English proficiency tests:

We know that the health care system in the United States may be very different from what you are used to; therefore, we are available to answer any questions that you may have. For more information on the plan or to schedule an appointment with an insurance representative, please call Ascension at 800-537-1777. The link provides additional information on your health insurance International Student Health PPO Plus    


How early can I enter into the United States?

Students who have been issued an F-1 visa are eligible to enter the United States up to thirty (30) days before the “reporting date” on the I-20 form, but not earlier. While the issuance of an F-1 visa gives you permission to request entry to the U.S. during that thirty-day period, the visa itself does not guarantee entry to the United States.


How do I obtain my I-20?

The SEVIS generated I-20 Form is the official document required to apply for a United States F-1 Student Visa. This document is processed and issued by LMC Admissions and Records in compliance with terms set forth by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Once issued a SEVIS I-20, it is your responsibility to contact an embassy in your home country in order to apply for F-1 visa status.

Do you offer on campus housing?

LMC currently does not offer on campus housing to students. If you are in need of housing, we recommend that you contact our preferred partner Diablo Valley Homestay. You may begin the process of applying to live host family by completing the Diablo Valley Homestay Application.


Can I apply for financial aid?

Need-based financial aid is not available for international students. We recommend that international students research scholarship opportunities that may be available to international students.


I have explored your entire site, and still do not have the answers for my questions. What should I do?

Please contact Teresea Archaga, Director of International Students Program international@losmedanos.edu

(925) 473-7552 if you have additional questions not addressed on the site.