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Flex Information


Flex home

Information about Professional development (FLEX)

The Office of College Advancement coordinates professional development (including Flex) activities through PDAC and the Local Planning Group (LPG). Both groups are comprised of Faculty, Managers, and Classified staff (currently non-voting on LPG) who review and approve all professional development and Flex credit-eligible activities prior to implementation.


Call for Professional Learning (Flex) for Fall, 2014 Memorandum and Forms (click on blue links)

Call for PL-Flex Fall 2014 Memo Only

Fall2014 Call For Professional Learning-Flex Form (pdf)

Fall2014 Call For Professional Learning Flex (Word doc)


Please periodically check the professional development (Flex) registration site for an updated list of workshops. For a list of workshops:PD Flex At a Glance as of 12-17-13

Please note the schedule is continually being updated with additional information and Variable workshops (outside of regular Flex week activities) and it is suggested that you check back for updates. Please note that it is important to register on InSite for workshops you plan to attend (or after-the-fact)and sign in on the roster at the workshop, if you would like your attendance documented for Flex credit.


Link to register for LMC Professional Development (Flex) Activities:


Link to register for District-wide professional development (flex) Activities (any campus):

https://insite.4cd.edu/orgs/dwco/dst/staffdev/default.aspx (To receive credit for your attendance at another site, please obtain confirmation of your attendance by providing documentation from the local Flex attendance office at the appropriate campus)


How many hours are required of me? What types of FLEX are there? Find out here:

Flex Information Sheet for 2013-14 Updated 1-14-14


All Faculty (Full-time and Adjunct) have a Flex obligation for Fall, 2013 and for Spring, 2014. Information on your obligation here: Flex Information Page for 2013-2014 Updated 1-14-14for Faculty

  1. Variable Flex Request Form

THE LOCAL PLANNING GROUP (LPG) pre-approves all FLEX activities for FLEX week, Variable FLEX activities during the semester, including special projects, and conferences.

ROSTER FOR 2013-2014


Erlinda Jones, Child Development Faculty

Clint Ryan, Math Faculty, LPG Chair

Rosa Armendariz, Director, Title V Exito Grant

Janice Townsend, Child Development Faculty

Michael Yeong, English Faculty



Robin Armour, Director, Admissions and Records

Michael Becker, Manager, IT

Dave Belman, Interim Dean of Student Success

Ruth Goodin, Sr. Foundation Director, Office of College Advancement/PDAC Co-Chair

A'kilah Moore, Interim Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Dave Wahl, Workforce Development Program Manager


Kathy Cullar, Outreach


Eric Sanchez, Art/Drama/Journalism

Staff: Mary Oleson, Administrative Assistant/PDAC Co-Chair/Professional Development Coordinator



For questions regarding FLEX, please contact Clint Ryan, LPG Chair @ cryan@losmedanos.edu (ext. 3797); Ruth Goodin (ext. 3203) or Mary Oleson (ext 3255) in the Office of College Advancement.




If you have information relating to Professional Development that you would like posted to this page please contact Mary Oleson at moleson@losmedanos.edu or 925/439-2181 x3255.