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words that evoke imagination


Language-most precious of gifts...



group of studentsThe key to all the doors down all the hallways of your future. Reading skills, writing skills, study skills, computer skills, internet skills - you need them all, in this rapidly changing world. But what if some of your English "keys" are a little rusty, or just don't fit the new doors? What if you come to us with a set of keys to different doors? Spanish keys, or Farsi keys, or Tagalog keys?


At LMC we understand how it feels to stand in front of locked doors. We know you've decided to sacrifice family time and job time to come here and acquire the English "keys" you need. We respect your commitment, and we want to help. We have carefully developed a new "Strategies for Success" curriculum (Eng. 70's and 90's) to get you started. If you need Spanish-English instruction, we offer LMC's unique ESL series -- visit our ESL home page by clicking on the "English as a Second Language Home" tab for more information.


If you want to transfer, we offer an exciting array of transfer level courses - literature, creative writing, critical thinking, ethnic studies, film, and mythology - to satisfy CSU and UC requirements.