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Liberal Arts



Liberal arts

The Liberal Arts major provides a rich educational experience through coursework in a broad range of academic disciplines. Liberal Arts provides excellent preparation for university transfer and/or a wide range of careers.


Students graduating with a Liberal Arts major are able to: read critically and communicate effectively as a writer and a speaker; understand the connections among academic disciplines and apply interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving; think critically and creatively; consider the ethical implications of knowledge; and possess a worldview informed by diverse social, multicultural and global perspectives.


Therefore, the broad-based interdisciplinary nature of Liberal Arts provides a knowledge base and the communication and critical thinking skills necessary for many careers and occupations. The Liberal Arts major provides solid preparation for upper division work following transfer -- more specifically, for university programs in teaching and pre-law and for careers such as business, government and communication. With proper course selection (see a counselor), LMC’s Liberal Arts major articulates with CSU’s popular upper division Liberal Studies major, which is the path to a teaching credential program.


The Liberal Arts major incorporates many General Education requirements, so students need only to pass a few additional courses in order to complete the major. The major has three emphasis options: Arts and Humanities; Behavioral Science and Social Science; Math and Science.   


Degree Requirements for a Liberal Arts Degree